W/C 6/5/19

Date: 10th May 2019 @ 9:57am

Our Learning

In Maths we have had lots of fun learning about subtracting. Children listened carefully to different word problems about people getting off the bus. Firstly children were shown how to solve these problems using counters and numicon. After children were confident using the concrete apparatus children were shown how they can represent the subtraction problem by drawing their first amount and crossing off the amount taken away to see how many they’ve got left. Once confident with this, children counted back down their number line.


We’ve have had so much fun watching our caterpillars grow they have doubled in size since last week! We are going to watch them carefully to see when they are going to make a cocoon.


We are so sad to say goodbye to our chicks. We’ve learned so much about how to care for them and how they grow. We loved keeping a diary and children enjoyed taking pictures of what they noticed. They are all going to live on farm. We look forward to receiving pictures of how they’ve grown so we can add this to our chick diary.