Y2ES - Wombats 2018 - 2019

Mrs Ellis

                     Welcome to the Wombat class!


Class Teacher: Mrs Ellis

Class Teaching Assistant: Miss I Latif

Autumn 2


Traditional tales 

In English this half term we have been learning about traditional tales with a twist. The story we focused on was Little Red Riding Hood. We retold the story using ‘talk4write’ and then used this to make comparisons between the original and a new version of the story.


In Maths we have been learning to collect, represent and answer questions about data.  We have also explored the operation Multiplication, using what we had learnt to answer questions.

Theme- focus Science

Our topic this half term has been ‘Fighting Fit’. We have investigated how to stay healthy by eating a balanced diet, getting exercise and keeping clean. 


This term we have designed and made our shoe box vehicles for the S.T.E. M project.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths; we have used skills for all of these areas when building our vehicles.

The car that travelled the furthest down the ramp then gets entered into a competition in the New Year with other local schools.  The winner from our class was Muhammad Isa Ali.


We have taken part in a whole school weaving project this term. This was very exciting and the children had lots of fun learning the weaving techniques.

We started off with a visit from James Ballough who is part of the Lancashire Outreach Programm. He focused on introducing the children to the Lancashire Loom. We made a human loom and the children each re-enacted a part of the loom.

We then made a prototype for our weaving project using paper plates and a variety of materials. We loved them so much we chose to use them for our calendars.

Our final piece was a piece to enhance Reception’s outdoor area. We weaved a variety of materials into a large hula hoop and Mrs King was super impressed with our finished weaving.


Autumn 1


Stories with Familiar settings

In English this half term we have been enjoying the book The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. We have acted out the story using Talk For Writing. We thought of questions we would like to ask the characters and then used our story voices to ask and answer questions with a partner. Some characters even received letters from us.

Non- chronological reports

We have been writing our own non-chronological report on dogs. To provide us with all the information we need to write one, we had a visit from Pendle Dogs In Need.  Sharon brought in her dog calle Evie and we talked about how we look after dogs. The children loved this exeprience and asked Sharon lots of really good questions.


In mathematics we have spent some time looking at place value. We have looked at the value of different digits within two digit numbers and have experimented making them using a variety of apparatus. We have then used our knowledge of place value to help us tackle both addition and subtraction problems. Mrs Ellis has set us lots of challenging tasks to help us become more independent learners in Mathematics.



We found out what ‘birds eye view’ means. We used aerial maps and our local knowledge to draw maps of the area around the school. On our maps we included a key to show what the different symbols represented.


We walked round the school building to identify changes that had taken place over time. We interviewed Mrs Walton and discovered that the school was first built in 1977 but had been extended several times.

Did you know the school was built on the site of Reedley Farm?


We talked about feelings and the importance of our actions on other people's feelings. We have been taking part in lots of roleplay to help us to see things from other people's point of view.

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