Year 4 will be participating in a Water Safety session

Start: 9th Dec 2019 5:00am

Duration: 1 day


                                                                                                                                                                                4th December 2019


Dear Parents/ Carers                                                                                     

Please note that on the following dates Year 4 will be participating in a Water Safety session delivered by the swimming instructors at Pendle Leisure Centre in Colne.

Pupils will need to bring either Pyjamas or a T’shirt and shorts/ leggings in addition to their normal swimming kit. They will be learning valuable life saving skills and how to react when they are in the water in clothes.

The Water Safety sessions for each class are:

Monday 9th December – Year 4 Mrs Lambert’s class

Monday 16th December – Year 4 Miss Veldon’s class

Please note that onesies will not be acceptable. Your child will need a separate top and a pair of trousers.

Thank you

Miss Veldon and Mrs Lambert



Swimming Caps - In addition please could you check that your child has a suitable sized swimming cap. They will not be allowed in the pool if children do not have a cap or if their cap is too small and slips off. Swimming caps can be bought from Pendle Leisure Centre at a cost of £2.00 per cap. Please send money for swimming caps with your child on the day of their swimming lesson and we will ensure that they purchase a cap in time for their lesson.