05/05 Newsletter


                                                                                                                                                                                              Friday, 05 May 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,



Our overall attendance for this week is 91.31%. This is lower than last week.

This is still lower than our target of 96%.

If your child is too unwell to come to school, please ensure that you call school to let us know the reason.

You can speak to us directly, or leave a message. Call the school number and press Option 1.



We had 4 hours and 30 minutes of lates this week, meaning vital learning is still being missed by some children.

Please ensure that your child is in school before the gates closes at 8.50am each day.



I can now finally officially inform you all that our recent Ofsted inspection judged that Reedley School continues to be a GOOD school. The report should be published in the next two weeks and I will let you know when it is available.


Information About School Being Used As A Polling Station

It has been a short week this week, due to the bank holiday and with school being closed on Thursday.

Please note that when we close for the school to be used as a polling station, this is not an additional day off. There are five days allocated to staff training each year, and we are forced to use one of ours for any elections, which is usually the first Thursday in May. Other schools use their days at different times through the year.


We used to use part of the school that is now the library for elections, so that school could remain open, but we have been informed that the space is no longer suitable as we have library shelves in place. I have requested many times that an alternative venue be used, but I have been informed that legally, we have no choice.

It isn’t ideal having a school closure the week before our Year 6 SATS test, but as I said, we have no choice and we still have the same number of days of learning as other schools throughout the school year.


Eid Fair

Thank you to everyone who attended the Eid fair on Wednesday. It was lovely to see so many people supporting the school and also having fun! We have raised around £900 for school. Thank you so much.

There were some small football figures on sale at the fair. They are £1 or two for £1.50 Some of the children have asked if there any any left. There are some left and I will allow any children who are interested to look at them next week. If they want to then buy them, we can put them in reserve whilst they check with parents if they are allowed to buy them. Don’t send any money at this stage, they can view them first to see if there are any they like.


SATS for Year 6

Our Year 6 children will be sitting their SATs tests next week.  It is very important that the Year 6 children are in school during this time.  If your child is unwell, please call school to speak to us.


Coronation – The children have been learning about the Royal Family and coronation today. It was lovely to see so many of them wearing red, white and blue clothes.

I have bought all of the children a ruler as a souvenir of the coronation. This lists the kings and queens of England, so it is both educational and a reminder of this historic event.


School Closures

Don’t forget that school will be closed on Monday 8th May as it is a bank holiday for the King’s coronation.


Trips – a number of classes will be going on a trip over the next few weeks. Please ensure that all permission slips are returned to school as soon as possible. Payment can be made in instalments.


Upcoming School Holidays

Half term 

Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June. Children return to school on Monday 5th June.

School will be closed on Wednesday 28th June.


Summer Holidays

Monday 24th July to Friday 1st September. Children return to school on Monday 4th September.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Sarah Bell


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