Year 4 Events

Year 4L

The children got a treat on Friday 15th November. They visited the Vue Cinema in Accrington to watch a film called A Boy Who Would Be King. It was full of adventure and imagination. 





Well done to all the children who have helped raise £31 by coming into school in non-uniform for Children in Need. The money raised will help and support children in the UK and around the world.

The children got a chance to see the health benefits of handwashing this week. The Infection Prevention Nurse from Lancashire county council came into school and offered children sessions to highlight the importance of hand hygiene. The children were taught how to prevent the spread of germs and illness in school, know the importance of hand hygiene before handling food and how to use the antibacterial hand soap in school.  


                                                        Lancashire Library Bus Service


The children got a chance to see the amazing Library Bus this week. They had a good look around and chose some amazing titles that will help them become amazing reading.


The whole class spent alot of time and effect to create this display for all to enjoy. they wrote about their dreams and what they wanted to achieve when they leave primary school. Well done!!                               

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Year 4 classes were very privileged to have a visit from PC Sange on the 14th of November. As part of the Anti-Bullying work we have been doing in school, he came to answer questions from the children and to tell them about how the police can help in different ways when people are being bullied.

50% of young people were bullied about how they looked

81% of young people were called horrible names by others

55% of young people were left out by their friends

#ChooseKindness with Bullying UK and help stand up to bullying

A big thanks to PC Sange for the time he has spent visiting all the classes at Reedley Primary.


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The Tufted Titmice really enjoyed having christmas lunch on Wednesday. They all got to pull a cracker before tucking into a festive lunch.






The children have visited the library today to choose some amazing books.

They get to chose a book which can be taken home for two weeks. 

Our library day is Thursday.





Aadam Asghar from the Tufted Titmice and Shayaan Raja from The Blissful Butterflies went head to head competing for the Spelling competition and after a very intense challenge, Aadam Asghar became the Champion from Year 4. He will go on to represent Year 4 when he has to compete against other schools. Good Luck!!





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Laurence Stephen Lowry  was an English artist. Many of his drawings and paintings depict Pendlebury, Lancashire, where he lived and worked for more than 40 years, and also Salford and its surrounding areas.

Born: November 1, 1887,Stretford, Lancashire, England

Died: February 23, 1976,Glossop, Derbyshire, England



What an amazing start to the new term. The children have been busy this week learning all about The Lowry. They have learnt how to draw Lowry Landscapes and Industrial Landscapes.  After learning the techniques, we invited the parents to come and see how the children were progressing and some of them joined in. Parent feedback was all positive and the children felt proud that their parents could see what they were doing in school.

Below are some pictures of the event.




It is Art Week again and this week we have been learning anout Vincent Van Gogh.

                                                                Image result for van gogh

                                                    Birth Year : 1853
                                                    Death Year : 1890
                                                 Country : Netherlands

Vincent van Gogh, one of the most well-known post-impressionist artists, for whom color was the chief symbol of expression, was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland on March 30, 1853.he son of a pastor, brought up in a religious and cultured atmosphere, Vincent was highly emotional, lacked self-confidence and struggled with his identity and with direction. He believed that his true calling was to preach the gospel; however, it took years for him to discover his calling as an artist.

The children have been busy finding all about him.