What have we been learning about?

Our first English topic was based on the Titanic. We had to create a flashback as if we were on the ship all those years ago. We really enjoyed learning about the Titanic and were very enthusiastic when it came to our writing. We included lots of detail within our writing so that it was interesting to read. Within our writing, we included a range of effective language tools, such as; emotive language, powerful verbs, adverbs, time connectives, past and present tense and many more. 



The Library Bus

Eight children from Year 6 were chosen to go on to the library bus to find their class some new books. The children that were chosen are all very enthusiastic when it comes to reading and they enjoy a variety of genres. 



" I think our class will love this book written by David Walliams, he is very funny!  (Sahar)



  William Shakespeare


For our next English topic, we have been looking at the very famous William Shakespeare. Not only did Shakespeare write poetry and act, he was also a playwright ( someone who writes plays) and is regarded still to this day as one of our greatest English writers of all time. You might have heard of some of his plays; Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and A Midsummer Nights Dream. These are just a few favourites, he actually wrote 37 plays in total which is pretty impressive! Even though, William Shakespeare was famous many years ago (he was born in 1564) our world today will still recognise his brilliant work. 



Did you know?

Shakespeare created the 'Knock Knock' joke!

Abdul loved using our Shakespeare puppet and he even made up his own joke.