Help with motivating your child to complete home learning.

Here at Reedley Primary School, we understand that motivating your child to continue with their learning whilst at home can be extremely difficult. Below are some top tips that might help to make the home schooling process as smooth as possible: 

1. Set a timetable. Create a timetable with your child that works for you both. We would suggest completing Maths and English work before lunchtime and some project based work in the afternoon. However, be flexible each day, set your expectations together and try to stick to routine as much as possible. Example timetables can be found on your child's home learning page - these can be adapted for your child.

2. Use a timer. Use a timer to help stick to expectations set in your timetable. Break the learning down into manageable chunks e.g. 20 minutes of Maths, a short break (and maybe a snack!), followed by another 20 minutes of Maths. Talk with your child about what works best for them as all children prefer to learn differently.

3. Give the home learning a purpose. If children have a reason for completing work, they are much more likely to enjoy the process. This could be anything from teaching a skill to a sibling, writing the story to show a favourite family member or even to send to their teacher via their class email address.

4. Use a Tracker/ Reward Chart. Providing children with a visual incentive to complete learning can really help. Start by creating and adapting the reward chart with your child. What do you expect? How will you mark the chart? Who will mark the chart? Set your child up to win by not making the demands too challenging at first. Decide on a reward that will be meaningful to your child. This could be something small daily or something larger to work for at the end of the week. Rewards do not have to be costly - sometimes the best reward could simply be some quality fun time with a parent. Example Tracker Charts can be found below and can be edited to suit your specific needs.

We sincerely hope that these tips will help in these difficult times. Most of all; please don't be too hard on yourself . You are trying your best for your child's education and for that we thank you! 

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