Safer Internet Day

This week, the children have been celebrating Safer Internet Day and it was celebrated with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. The children have taken part in a range of lessons and activities based around being safe on the internet. Year 5 and 6 had a visit from the Police around Safer Internet Day. Have a look below at your child's learning. 


We listened to the story 'Smartie the Penguin' and discussed what he should do if he sees something he doesn't like.
Children have drawn a picture of adults they can trust whilst discussing what technologies they use and how to stay safe when they are online. 
Learning in reception.png

Year 1

In Year 1 we had a discussion about keeping safe on the internet. The children were very sensible and came up with lots of ideas of how to stay safe. We then wrote speech bubbles with how we can stay safe online. 

Learning in Year 1.png

Year 2

We have read the story ‘DigiDuck and the Magic Castle’. We stopped the story at different points to share our feeling emojis. We then looked at many scenarios and discussed what we could do instead in that situation. After this we sent DigiDuck kind messages to make him feel better after he receive an unkind message.

Learning Year 2.png

Year 3 

In Year 3, we had a discussion about different scenarios when using the internet for playing games. We talked in partners about what we would do and then completed different scenarios on our own.

Learning Year 3.png

Year 4 

On Tuesday, Year 4 children took part in E-Safety day and were discussing what information would be suitable for a private account and what could be shared publicly. We had discussions about whether photos of pets, our houses and our school uniform should be shared. We also looked at a password checked and tried to make the most secure password possible. Some children created super passwords that would take billions of years to be hacked into.

Learning Year 4.png

Year 5

We had a visit from the local Police and listened to the importance of being safe on the internet. We then wrote letters to John about our internet safety after our visit. 

Learning of Year 5.png

Year 6 

In Year 6, the children had a visit from the local police to talk about acceptable use of the internet. 
Here are some of the key messages that they learnt from their talk.

Learning Year 6.png

Learning in Year 6 x2.png

Below is some support for parents to promote a safer internet at home. 

Files to Download