Visitors in School

Animal Lab

A lady from 'Animal Lab' came to visit school and offered some children the opportunity to come and see some of her animals. They could even touch them if they were feeling brave!

Abdul, Kamran and Aneeqa represented our class and they had so much fun!

Aneeqa said, "I really loved the rat because she was so soft and cute. She was trying to run away from me and she made me laugh!"

Kamran said, "I loved Charlie the snake because he hissed at me and I was super brave and stroked him".



A Visit from a Policeman

As part of Anti-Bullying week, PC Sange came to visit Year 6 to help us understand the importance of being kind. It is an offence to bully someone and the police can become involved if a situation did occur. He also stressed the importance of being safe on the internet. 




We have all taken part in learning new skills on our bikes. Some of us have ridden a bike before but for others it was a completely new experience. We really enjoyed this and are now safe to cycle on the roads on our bikes. We discussed the high way code in detail and most of us are now confident cyclists.