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Wednesday 17th January

Hello Year 2, 

Online activities are available on Bug Club, My Maths and Spag.com 


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Please complete a book on Bug Club and collect your coins. You could also read your reading book or reading for pleasure book. 

This should take you about 1/2 hour.

Remember to work towards your reading award.


Riddles (45 minutes)

Today you are going to write a riddle. We already know lots about riddles.

  1. Write in the first person
  2. Use lots of describing words
  3. Use joining words like and, but, or
  4. Use different sentence starters e.g Sometimes, People, My
  5. Put easy clues at the end and harder clues first
  6. Try to trick the reader

Remember not to say who you are so the reader can guess.

Think about the story we have been reading in class called Mossop's Last Chance.

We are going to write a riddle for Mossop the cat.

Think of 6 different clues. You could write about where he lives, what he looks like, what he likes to do, what he is good at or not good at.


K.L: Order values of 3 volumes (45 minutes)

Remember when ordering values:

  • Look at the tens first
  • If the tens are the same, look at the ones 

Don't forget there are 1000ml in 1 litre. 


The sheets you need are attached at the bottom of the page.


Science (45 minutes)

KL: Life Cycle of a plant

Watch the clip the lucky seed.


Discuss how the lucky seed has changed over the story.

Look at the bean cycle and order the pictures. The sheet you need is attached at the bottom of the page.

Write sentences next to each to explain what is happening. 




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