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31st July 15

Reedley School, Reedley Road, Reedley, Burnley BB10 2NE 01282 693688

22nd April-School is open



Wednesday 22nd April. We are open. The water in the area is back on. We would like to thank everyone for all their help yesterday.

School Closure- 21st April 2015


There is no water supply to the school and in order to keep the children healthy and safe we regret that we need to close School.

Please listen to Radio Lancashire/ Mosque Radio and check the website for further updates.

We will be open tomorrow unless you hear otherwise.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Reedley School's Vision- our aims and values



A warm welcome from everyone at Team Reedley, and  Mrs Ruth Thompson, Headteacher

Reedley School is a place where learning matters. We want all our children to be confident in themselves and see themselves as learners. If you would like to find out more you are very welcome to come and visit the school.


Children, staff, parents and Governors work together to put learning at the heart of our community. Learning to write an exciting story or learning to play in the playground and have friends is equally important. The children work in twelve classes, with dedicated class teachers, and a large number of equally committed support staff who all have the children’s best interests at heart. All the team are involved in regular training as we work together to move the school forward.

The Chair of Governors is Mr David Leeming, who regularly visits the school.

"Inspection evidence and the school’s own consultation data show that parents are overwhelmingly pleased with the quality of care and education at Reedley School. A happy, caring and welcoming ethos pervades the school. One parent, typical of many, said ‘my child is very happy here, she has learned so much so quickly; most of all she has gained more confidence in herself in every way and has become a better person’.

Pupils’ personal development is good as a result of good care, guidance and support. Promoting pupils’ personal development and welfare, removing barriers to learning and raising their self-esteem are given the highest priority in every aspect of the school’s work." Consequently pupils achieve outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, are excellent at adopting safe practices and behave exceptionally well".

A Super Term!


The first term of the School Year has been a super term in so many ways! Thank you all for all your help as we moved into the new building. It was worth the wait. It is really exciting to see the children using the new learning spaces.

News From School Clubs!


The Choir have had a fantastic term! We are so proud of them for all their hard work. Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 pupils rehearse each Friday lunch time.  As a team they performed at the special assembly for Remembrance Day. The made us think about how it would have been as a soldier in the First World War.  Everyone enjoyed their singing at the Winter Festival, and they did a repeat performance! Their final performance  of the term was singing festively around the Water Fountain in the School Council's "Green and Pleasant Land", as parents came to collect their children at the end of the school day.

The Design and Technology Club have been busily designing a moving vehicle. This is part of our work with  local engineers. The finished models will then be viewed by the real life engineers, and advice given. Each Monday lunchtime, you can see pupils from Year 2 and Year 3 being the future designers of tomorrow.

The Thinking Club meet each Thursday after school, and use their brains to take on new skills. So far this term they have learnt to play Chess and Scrabble. Chess really makes you use your brain. It is lovely to see the work started by a small group of pupils with a local Chess expert, Malcolm Birks, become embedded in the School. The pieces and the boards were donated by the Chess Society. We are very grateful to them, and Malcolm, for starting something which is rapidly becoming a Reedley tradition.

Sports Club, each Monday after School, sees Year 6 taking on new skills each half term. It was very moving to see them stop their game of football on the last Monday before Christmas, as we looked at the Trench Truce at Christmas in 1914, during the First World War. In the spirit of that time, the two teams shook hands, shared greetings, and shared chocolate. The pupils hope to be peace makers so that their generation will never have to go to war.

Homework Club for Year 6 meets after School each Thursday. Spurred on by special biscuits made by Sharon in the Reedley Kitchen, everyone works especially hard.

Around 100 pupils a week take part in a club. Watch for more news soon!


Key Stage 2 SATs Results for 2014


The Key Stage 2 SATs results for 2014 were published recently.

89% of Pupils achieved Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths.

In Reading 96% achieved Level 4 or above, and 55% achieved Level 5.

In Writing 89% achieved Level 4 or above, and 21% achieved Level 5.

In Maths 98% achieved Level 4 or above, and 55% achieved Level 5.

We are very proud of the children who undertook the assessments. They worked hard. They worked as a team. They then put as much effort into organising sporting activities for the younger children, and their amazing end of year play, Dazzle.

It was lovely to see so many "old" pupils visit to tell us about their experiences of high school, and we wish them all well on their next step along the way to success.


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Winter Festival And helping Others!


We would like to say a big "Thank You" to the Mum to Mums who organised the Winter Festival for everyone in School just before the end of term. We all enjoyed playing traditional games like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"! Donations collected raised over £250 for Pendle Hospice. The Mum to Mum will visit the Hospice in the new year to present donations.

Resheduling of the Opening of Reedley School


Resheduling of the Opening of Reedley School. School now opens on Monday 15th September.


The building is nearly finished. It will be a really exciting place to learn. It was always going to be handed over in two phase, phase one this week, and phase two at the end of September.
The Buildings Team from Lancashire  have informed us that the building will not be in an operational state in time for the return of pupils on Thursday 11th September. Despite the best efforts of the Contractor the amount of work that needed to be undertaken over the Summer break has proved to be too great; especially factoring in the additional unforseen replacement of the fire alarm and wiring to the existing building. The contractor will be working over the weekend in order to ensure that the building can be handed over next week. It is therefore anticipated that we are likely to be operational from Monday 15th September.
We have put in place the necessary notification that school will now start on Monday 15 September.  We will keep you posted on developments as promised.


We ask that the children do some reading each day, and work on their times tables.  Every child will be given a new water bottle as they return. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to the new building.


Thank you all so much for your support. We look forward to showing you around the new building soon.


With best wishes from


Ruth Thompson, Headteachers and the Governors of Reedley School

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