Reedley Primary School

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6th February 16

Reedley School, Reedley Road, Reedley, Burnley BB10 2NE 01282 693688

Reedley School's Vision- our aims and values


A warm welcome from everyone at 'TeamReedley' and Mrs Sarah Bell, Headteacher.

Reedley is not just a school but a real community of enthusiastic learners for pupils and for the staff who help and encourage the pupils to be knowledgeable and reflective. We want all of our children to have the confidence and the skills to be successful in whatever life holds for them after their time at Reedley. We aim to provide high-quality learning opportunities and provide a well-disciplined learning environment which enables the children to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Children, staff, parents and governors work together to put learning at the heart of our community. Learning to write an imaginative story or learning to play in the playground and have friends is equally important. The children work in twelve classes, with dedicated class teachers and a large number of equally committed support staff who all have the children’s best interests at heart. All the team are involved in regular training as we work together to move the school forward.

We want your child to acquire high standards of knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum.  We also recognise the individual needs of all our children and through our very committed staff; we work hard to develop each child’s potential. Whatever your child's ability, you can be sure we aim to meet the needs of all children as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

The Chair of Governors is Mr David Leeming, who regularly visits the school.

"Inspection evidence and the school’s own consultation data show that parents are overwhelmingly pleased with the quality of care and education at Reedley School. A happy, caring and welcoming ethos pervades the school. One parent, typical of many, said ‘my child is very happy here, she has learned so much so quickly; most of all she has gained more confidence in herself in every way and has become a better person’.

Pupils’ personal development is good as a result of good care, guidance and support. Promoting pupils’ personal development and welfare, removing barriers to learning and raising their self-esteem are given the highest priority in every aspect of the school’s work." Consequently pupils achieve outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, are excellent at adopting safe practices and behave exceptionally well". Ofsted 2012





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