Parent and Pupil Voice

At Reedley, we strive hard to provide the best possible education for our children.  We value your opinions, both pupils and adults, to celebrate our successes and improve our school.  Thank you for completing the questionnaires that we sent home - 125 families returned them, which we are delighted about.  Please click on the documents below to download your full views of the school.

Here are some of the headlines....

Parent Questionnaires

  • 99% of you said that not only do your children feel safe in school, but the adults in school care about them.  This has made us smile from ear to ear!  Your children are incredibly important to us and we are so pleased that you can see this.
  • 93% of you said that the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.  This was also picked up on by our children as 97% said that adults deal with any poor behaviour fairly and quickly.  We understand the importance of kindness, respect, and making the right choices and support our children to develop these values. 
  • 94% of you think the school is well led and managed.  We appreciate this as we understand how difficult things have been over the past couple of years due to covid and we are grateful to you for supporting us.

This is what you said about how we can improve and the actions we have taken so far:

  • 81% of you said that your child(ren) had access to an extra-curricular club.  We are delighted that we are able to offer our children clubs this term.  These will mostly run on a Wednesday evening from 3.30pm - 4.15pm.  
  • 81% of you said that you receive valuable information from the school about your child's progress.  We report to parents and carers three times a year.  There are interim reports which go out at the end of the autumn and spring term and a full report which goes out at the end of the summer term.  We also have two face to face Parents' Meetings a year.   You can also speak to your child's teacher about the reports or any other issues on the playground before or after school, or contact them via the office.

We are also excited about welcoming parents and carers back into school.  'Come and Read' sessions are taking place in Reception and Year 1, as are the Reception VIP sessions.  Please see your child's teacher for more information and to sign up for a slot.  We are also hoping to run Phonics and Maths sessions for you later in the term.  

Pupil Questionnaires

  • 98% of our children said that they work hard to be the best that they can be.  We are so proud of all of the hard work and effort that they put into their learning and enjoyment of school.
  • 97% of our children said that they learn from their mistakes.  This is so important to us as persevering to correct mistakes helps us all to be resilient and effective learners.
  • 99% of our children said that all the staff in school work hard for them.  
  • 90% said children in school are friendly.  We work with the childen to support them to develop and maintain friendships.  When children fall out and mistakes are made, we look together at how we can learn from this to help us develop better relationships with our friends in the future.  Our PSHE curriculum focuses on friendships, including bullying, and how we can build healthy friendships with our peers.
  • 93% said they feel trusted to do things on their own.  This is so important to us as we feel children need to develop independence and have a voice.  For example, the School Council listened to their peers' views on school dinners as they felt they could be improved.  The School Council worked alongside the kitchen staff to review menus which were then passed to Lancashire County Council.  As a result of this, our new school menu, tailored to our children started on the 25th April 2022.  Click the link to view our menus.  



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