W/C 8/7/19

Date: 12th Jul 2019 @ 10:13am

 Our Learning.

In Literacy the children have been reading poems from the book, 'Commotion in the Ocean'. The children then solved some sea creature riddles. They discussed what their favourite sea creature was and reasearched interesting facts about them. With this knowledge the children have planned their own riddles and will finish them next week.



All teachers have been very proud of both classes this week during the fun run, the children had a sponser form to raise money for the amount of laps they completed.

 P.E. We had lots of fun with Coach Amy in our last P.E. lesson of the year. Children developed their balance using balloons trying to keep it off the floor. After this, children used one part of their body to keep their balloon up in the air. After this children took part in races where they had to move their balloon from one side of the hall to the other. The children also enjoyed a game of crazy colours. The children also enjoyed balancing all the eqipment on the teachers and the team who completed it the quickest won, the children then had a competition on who could take all the equipment off the quickest.