French Day

Salut!  On Friday 10th February, we celebrated our learning in French by holding a French Day!  Everyone joined in the fun when we learnt about the country of France, and practised speaking and writing in French.

Early Reedley learnt a French song and created special actions.  Miss Cowell’s sister came to visit in Year 1 to help out.  She speaks fluent French and wowed us with her fantastic knowledge!

In Middle Reedley, Year 2 created an imaginative role-play and actually went to France!  They learnt about special French landmarks and sang French nursery rhymes.  Year 3 children played BINGO using their prior learning of French numbers.  They learnt and practised a basic conversation between friends, and then wrote out the phrases as a script.  They then performed their conversations.  In the afternoon, pupils learnt about the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. 

In Upper Reedley, they were lucky enough to have the support of one of our school governors, Mrs Russell-Hayes.  Mrs Russell-Hayes has previously lived in France and is a fluent French speaker.  Upper Reedley classes participated in a number of workshops, including studying the work of Monet, learning about the Napoleonic Wars and delving into the world of French music, food and the weather!

We ended our day with a whole-school assembly in which we all shared aspects of our learning.The assembly was a sea of red, white and blue, as children had dressed in the colours of the French flag known as the tricolore!

Please enjoy our photographs!