Friendship Exchange with Other Schools!

Class: Y5HM - Wood Warblers Year: 2017-2018

In January 2017, Y3 pupils took part in a Friendship Day. Some of our children visitied Whittlefield Primary School and some visited Padiham Green Primary School. Other children stayed at Reedley and hosted visitors from the other two schools. The aim was to see similarities and differences between the three schools and to meet children from who may be different to ourselves.

Children in Y3 who went to another school were surprised to see that the other schools had fewer children than we have at Reedley and that the buildings were much smaller. They noticed that we have a lot more Muslim children at Reedley and that at the other two schools, the majority of the children are Christian. The children said that they really enjoyed getting to know the other children and found lots of things that they had in common!

Y4, Y5 and Y6 will also take part in a friendship exchange, later in the school year.