26/04 Newsletter


                                                                                                                                          Friday, 26 April 2024

Dear Parents/Carers,




Maths Whizz

School can nominate children for the International Maths Whizz Champion. Musa Ali in Y4R was nominated and has won this award from all the nominations WORLD-WIDE!

He was nominated due to the amount of time he has put into this and the progress that he has made.

Musa will be getting a certificate and trophy from Maths Whizz for this recognition. Well done Musa.


A different child will be nominated every month – so if your child has a Maths Whizz account, please ensure that they make use of it.


Parent/Carer Information Sessions – Year 1 and Year 2

We are holding another session in school to inform parents/carers of our new Maths programme for Y1 and Y2 children called Numbots, which can be used at home to support your child with number work.

The session will take place in school on Wednesday at 9am.

If you come along, your child can join you in the hall for the session.



Our overall attendance for this week is 91.78%.


These two classes achieved the 96%+ target this week:

Y2 Badger Class  (97.41%) and Y1 Squirrel Class (96.15).

All of the other classes were lower than this. I am concerned that a lot of children are missing a lot of their learning. I will be asking to meet with parents over coming weeks regarding low attendance.



We had 6 hours and 55 minutes of lates this week, meaning vital learning is still being missed by some children.  All children need to be in school by 8.50am each day.


These classes had no lates this week:

Y1 Squirrel Class and Y5 Felis Silvestris Class


Events This Week

  • Thank you to the parents that attended the Y4 briefing for the multiplication check this week
  • The new children who will be joining Reedley in Reception for September 2024 came to a meeting this week. We were very excited to meet them all, although some of the children have brothers and sisters already in the school.


Upcoming Events

  • Y1 children will be learning about Road Safety next week. Year 2 will also learn about this later in May.
  • 21st May – Y4 will be having an Egyptian day as part of their topic
  • 23rd May – Y2 will have their trip to Lytham


Eye Tests

A number of children in school would benefit from having their eyes tested. Parents/carers can book free appointments at the opticians for this. It would be beneficial for all children to have a check. There have been a number of occasions where older children need glasses but this has never been picked up and they could have benefitted from glasses earlier.

Appointments can be made at the weekends or in school holiday times and should not take place in the school day.


Online Safety Hub

All Reedley parents can access the Online Safety Hub FOR FREE. Click on the link below to access the Online Safety Hub for lots of expert advice and guidance to help you manage your child's safety online.

It includes information on the latest hot topics when it comes to keeping your child safe, such as how to manage your child's screen time, understanding the latest gaming platforms, what they mean for your child’s safety and lots more.





Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Qustodio. Gain more insight into what’s going on in your child’s online world and make sure they are kept safe. Block dangerous content, introduce screen-free schedules, receive alerts for inappropriate content and more.

Follow the link to create your free account: https://www.qustodio.com/en/30-days-school-special/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=OSHub&utm_campaign=reedley-lancs-uk


Each week I will send out a link with information from the Online Safety Hub. The topic this week is TikTok. It is important that parents/carers are familiar with any online platforms or apps that their child may be going on.


Parent Tip: If you want to know what type of content your child has been viewing on TikTok, spend some time watching the videos that appear in their For You feed, which will provide you with an indication of the type of videos they have viewed or interacted with previously. If you would like a detailed list of your child’s TikTok viewing history, there are steps to take which are on the link below.


https://reedley-lancs.onlinesa fetyhub.uk/parent/deep-dive s/tiktok



Key Dates

  • School will be closed on Thursday 2nd May and Monday 6th
  • Y6 SATS tests take place week beginning 13th
  • School closes for half term after school on Friday 24th May and reopens on Monday 3rd
  • School will be closed for two days for Eid in June on Monday 17th and 18th


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Bell, Headteacher

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