Parental Involvement

Here are some of our upcoming parental events and some handouts and information from previous events.

Upcoming events:

Past events:

31/10/2022 at 2:30 - Maths Whizz 

Meet with Miss Cowell (SENDCO) and other parents to discuss how using Maths Whizz has gone over the past 2 weeks. It's also an opportunity to ask anymore questions you may have. If you missed the previous session, feel free to attend and find out any information you need.


Chill and Chat 07/10/2022 - Maths Whizz

Andy, our Maths Whizz Consultant, led some training about the Maths support programme 'Maths Whizz'. Find the handouts below:

How to log on to Maths Whizz


Chill and Chat 30/09/2022 - Getting to know you

Parents of children with SEND were invited to meet Miss Cowell, SENDCO and other parents whilst enjoying a brew and biscuits.

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