Our Values and Ethos

Reedley School is a place where learning matters. We want all our children to be confident in themselves and see themselves as learners. If you would like to find out more you are very welcome to come and visit the school.

Children, staff, parents and governors work together to put learning at the heart of our community. Learning to write an exciting story or learning to play in the playground and have friends is equally important. The children work in 14 classes, with dedicated class teachers, and a large number of equally committed support staff who all have the children’s best interests at heart. All the team are involved in regular training as we work together to move the school forward.

Our aim is for our children to learn:

  • respect for themselves and others.
  • how to be confident.
  • resilience to take on new skills and challenges.
  • to be the best that they can be, through hard work and determination.
  • how to make friends and sustain positive friendships.
  • to be determined to try and not easily defeated.
  • how to stay safe.
  • to be honest and reflective.
  • to smile at, and with, the world and not accept unacceptable attitudes and values.

The Chair of Governors is Mrs Walton, who regularly visits the school.

Our school nurtures curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do. Children at Reedley learn to become resilient and self-assured in a safe environment where challenge is key. Team Reedley are encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals, preparing them for their role as caring and active citizens in modern Britain.