World Mental Health Day


The World Health Organsiation recognises Word Mental Health Day on 10th October each year.  

World Mental Health Day is a chance to talk about mental heath in general, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to talk about things and get help if you are struggling.

This year, we have joined forces with the National Literacy trust and are taking part in the 'Take Ten Minutes to Read' event across the school.  We understand how reading and sharing books can be a means of calming down, collecting your thoughts or simply taking time for yourself.  

10 mins to read.JPG

All of our children will be listening to a book being read aloud at 10.00am.  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be listening to virtual storytelling by author and performer Jordan Stephens and illustrator Beth Suzanna.  Key Stage 2 will be learning top tips to look after their minds as they listen to author Natalie Costa as she shares her books on feelings and the importance of being yourself.  We are very excited to be taking part!

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                                                                           Yr 3 WMH.JPG