08.01.21 Home learning procedures

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Monday, 11 January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,


Home schooling

Thank you for your contributions to your child’s education, by home schooling this week for the majority of our children.

I would also like to thank you for your patience whilst we have been developing our home learning. As I mentioned in my previous letter, from next week we will also be including pre-recorded sessions for each day. 


These will give some instruction and will model some of the skills that your child will need to learn. 

This has all taken time to arrange as the teachers have had to plan and record the sessions, whilst also spending time in school with the children of key workers. 

From next week you will be able to go on the home learning page and click on links each day which will take you to a child-friendly YouTube page, where you can view the videos at any time during the day.

This means that if there are a number of pupils in your house using the same device, they can schedule their use of that device and complete the learning when it is convenient for them. 


Sharing your child’s learning

In addition to this, we are asking you to take a photograph of a piece of writing each week and send it to your child’s teacher via email. 

This will form part of the feedback conversation that they will have. 


Thank you and well done to the parents and carers who have already emailed work to the teachers. 

This is really important in order for the teachers to assess the learning that it’s taken place, especially with pieces of writing. 

Please note that the staff will check these emails but also have many other roles to carry out. 

They guarantee that they will look at these at least twice a week, more if they can. 

Please do not worry if you don’t get an instant response! 


Keeping In Touch

Part of the way that staff are keeping in touch with your child and assessing their understanding, is through regular phone calls. 

Staff are finding that there are a large number of children that they are not able to make contact with throughout the school day and therefore they cannot give children feedback on the learning that has taken place or use the assessment information to help to plan work for the following week. 


It is vital, in order for your child to not fall behind, that you answer the call and allow your child to speak to the member of staff, and share the work that they have taken part in. 


If your child is unwell or is unable to complete the work for another reason (eg bereavement) please call the school and let us know and we will record this as an absence. The teachers will not make contact with your child for that day. 

If this is the case you should take measures to help your child to complete the work that has been set for them, once they are feeling better. 


Why this is so important

Our children will not get this time back. 

Learning that they are missing out on during this lockdown may not be covered again. 

Therefore, it is so important that we all work together to help the children carry out the learning to the best of their ability. 


I am incredibly proud of all school staff for the work they have given to the school this week, as always.

They have been working very long hours to find ways to support our children, to provide the best education that they can for them during this really difficult time. 


School Closure on Friday 8th January

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to keep the school open to the key worker children today. Staff were on their way to school, some of whom had incidents in their cars trying to get to school. One staff member was stranded in the snow and has had to abandon her car, others were slipping whilst driving in treacherous conditions and putting themselves in danger.

We had to close the school for safety reasons and due to not being able to get the required number of staff in to supervise the children.




Mrs Sarah Bell


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