09.09.22 Newsletter Queen, Mrs Boocock, Clubs, Library, Homework

Friday 9th September 2022

Dear Families,

Queen Elizabeth II

We have spoken to the children today to discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The subject of death can be upsetting. I have told the children that it is ok to feel sad, but it is also ok to think about the good memories of a person who has died too.

Please be mindful that they may have a range of questions regarding this area.

If you need further support your child with anything, please let us know.









Mrs Boocock

We are very happy to welcome Mrs Boocock to our school, to replace Mrs Walton.

Mrs Boocock will be our Safeguarding Lead and will be supporting children and families with attendance and any issues and worried that you may have.

Mrs Boocock will be at the gate before and after school most days.


Clubs will start next week. The children should have brought a letter home confirming their places. All the clubs will run until half term.


School library

Our school library will be reopening next week after a period of closure due to building work. The children will have a session in the library each week and will be able to choose a book. This may be a book that is harder than their reading book, so you may need to share the book with your child.



The children brought homework home yesterday. We have reduced the time that they need to spend on homework, to no more than 30 minutes per task. They can, of course, choose to do more if they wish to and there are a range f computer programmes that they can use for this purpose, such as Bug

Club, Maths Whizz, Nessy and Times Tables Rockstars. (Not all children have access to all programmes).

Please support your child to complete this work each week.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs S Bell