11.06.21 Safety of pupils, presents for staff, French Day, COVID, Sports' Days and Reading Bags


Friday, 11 June 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


Well Done Miss Mushtaq’s Class

I am delighted to announce that all of the children in Miss Mushtaq’s class have achieved at least one of my times tables awards. This is the first time that this has happened, since I started the scheme in 2016.

I wonder if another class can also achieve this!

Safety of Pupils

Yet again I have witnessed incidents where drivers are put in children’s safety at risk.

  • Drivers are stopping on Zigzags or double yellow lines to let passengers get in and out of the car. This is illegal unless you have a valid Disabled Badge.
  • Some drivers park on the pavement. This is against the law and it causes pedestrians, including small children, to have to walk in the road to get passed. This has been particularly bad on Reedfield and Pennine Way. Your vehicle should not cause pedestrians to have to go into the road.
  • A number of drivers are using the junction of Reedfield to turn their cars around.

‘Making a U-turn may see a driver issued with a fixed penalty notice where they represent a danger to other road users or pedestrians. This would come under the offence of careless driving.’

  • Some passengers in cars, including children, are not wearing seatbelts.


My suggestion is that you find a parking space a few minutes walk from school and then walk with your children for the last part of the journey.

Please ask all drivers to ensure that they drive and park legally and courteously. School staff will continue to take photos of drivers who break the law and send these to the local police, as they are compromising the safety of our children. This is an exceptionally serious matter.

We need to work together to keep all of our children safe.

Presents for staff

A number of children have asked whether they are allowed to bring presents for staff at the end of the school year. Our staff work incredibly hard and it is nice for them to receive thanks, particularly after the very difficult year we have all had.

I am going to allow items to be handed to staff, as they can then be quarantined in school to ensure that they are COVID-safe, but please do not bring any food that is home-made eg cupcakes.

The best way to thank staff however, would be for your child to make them a home-made card or to write a letter stating the things that they have enjoyed throughout the year. These words would mean a lot to the staff and would be treasured. I have got some cards that children in my class made for me over 20 years ago. Personal messages like this last a lot longer than a box of chocolates and mean a lot to staff.


French Day

Our children have been working on French throughout the day today, using a range of new vocabulary. Maybe they can practise some French words or sentences at home this weekend, as the Euro Football Tournament starts!



Thank you to the parents/carers who continue to wear face coverings on the school playground. We ask everyone to social distance at all times on the school premises, but there are times when a large number of people leave the playground at the same time. Wearing a mask protects you and those around you, especially as the rates of COVID in Pendle are increasing.


Parent/Carer meetings with teachers

You have all had the opportunity to book a telephone meeting with your child’s classteacher  the School Spider. If you have not yet done so, then please log on and book an appointment. If you have missed the slots for your child's teacher, then please contact the school and Mrs Iqbal will arrange for them to give you a short call on the phone.


Sports’ Days

The children will all be having a sports day as part of their PE lessons next week. Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to invite parents to watch this year.

Reading Bags

Your child has been allocated a specific day for bringing their reading back to school but from next week we would like all children to start bringing their reading bags everyday.

We would like your child to use a book bag rather than a rucksack to bring their books to school as we do not have the space to accommodate rucksack bags. You can purchase a school book bag from Mrs  Iqbal for £7.50, but it doesn't have to be a Reedley book bag as cheaper versions are available from shops.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Sarah Bell


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