12.05.22 Newsletter Y6 SATs, Y2 SATs, Parent and Pupil Voice, Half Term Holiday and Staffing News


This week, most of our Y6 children have been taking their Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). They have all tried their very hardest, and their attitudes towards the tests have been superb. Well done to all Y6 children, and thanks to all the staff that have supported them during the tests. A special thanks to Mrs Gorrell, who has made sure that the whole process has gone smoothly.


Next week it’s our Y2 children’s turn to sit their tests. They will take their SATs between next Monday and the half term holiday. They have been working really hard to prepare for them, as have the staff. If you have a child in Y2, please try to make sure that they have early nights between now and the half term holiday, so that they are as ready as they can be for their tests.

Parent and Pupil Voice

You will remember Mrs Gorrell asking you to complete a parent questionnaire a few weeks ago. Children also completed their own in school at the same time. The results are now on the school website www.reedley.lancs.sch.uk → Our School → Parent and Pupil Voice. There is a summary of the findings, along with two links with further information. My favourite bit is in the summary: “99% of you said that not only do your children feel safe in school, but the adults in school care about them. This has made us smile from ear to ear! Your children are incredibly important to us and we are so pleased that you can see this.” If you have any questions about the two surveys, please have a chat with Mrs Gorrell.

Half Term Holiday

Just a reminder that school closes on Friday 27.05.22 for the half term holiday, and re-opens on Monday 06.06.22.

Staffing News

Mrs Campbell is back teaching Gecko class now, and she will stay with them until the end of the school year. Mr Pilling, who teaches right the way through school, is leaving a week on Friday (20.05.22). Children and staff will be sad to see him leave. Mrs Tariq will be returning from her maternity leave, and will be back on 23.05.22. Mrs Barnes will also be returning from maternity leave on 23.05.22 and will be back teaching her Y6 class. Miss Whiteside will be staying at Reedley, working with Upper Reedley children to continue catching up for lost learning due to COVID. You will be delighted to know that Mrs Bell will be back from her maternity leave on 23.05.22. Mrs Gorrell will be holding the fort next week, as my last day at Reedley will be this Friday (13.05.22). I would like to thank you for making me so welcome during my time at Reedley. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you at the beginning and end of the day, and feel like I’ve got to know you well. You have the most delightful children – beautifully behaved and really well-mannered. They are a credit to you and to the school. I have loved working here; the six months has flown by. The staff have been lovely to work with; they are so hard working, trying to give your children the best chance they can do all day every day. So, as I hand back to Mrs Bell, I wish Reedley children, families, governors and staff all the best in the future.

Ms Tracey, Associate Headteacher.



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