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Wednesday 15th July 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


As the term ends, we wanted to thank you for your support through this difficult and uncertain time.  We appreciate everything you have done with your child(ren) as part of home learning and have really enjoyed looking at all of your emails and messages about the activities you have completed. Please do not worry about your child’s progress.  Every child is in the same position and we will be focusing on their learning and supporting them with new skills.  Remember, our staff are experts at this! 

We have missed celebrating the end of year with our Year 6 children and hope that we will be able to invite your children into school at some point in the next school year to get the send-off that they deserve.


Our staff are incredibly excited about working with your children again in September and we look forward to Wednesday 2nd September when we can invite all of our children back into school.


Arrangements for opening the school to all pupils in September


You will be aware that the government have stated that all children must return to school in September. 

As you can appreciate, some things will have to run a little differently. We will be able to inform you about specific details in the last week of August in regards to how things will run in school when it fully re-opens. There are many plans that we need to put in place in order to ensure the safety of our children and staff and that all of our plans reflect the latest government guidance. A letter with more details will be available on the School Spider App and school website by Friday 28th August.

However, there are some plans that we have devised already and thought that we would share these with you, to enable you to plan effectively. Please be aware however, that these could change and the letter in August will contain the most up-to-date information.

Our priority is to provide a safe environment for our children and their families and for our staff, so although some of these measures may cause you and your family some inconvenience, all the decisions have been taken in the best interests of the health and safety of all concerned.

Opening hours

The government have suggested that we use staggered start and finish times, to minimise the number of adults on school premises.  We have put the following plan in place for when each of the year groups will start and finish school.



Start of school day

End of school day


Reception children

Miss MacKenzie will contact parents/carers of new Reception children with specific timings of sessions.

Y1 and Y2



Y3 and Y4



Y5 and Y6




We cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you keep to the specified times. We will not have additional staff to look after children who are not collected late or dropped off early.


Breakfast Club

As the start of the day will be staggered, staff hours are having to change, which means that we will not have enough staff available to run our usual breakfast club. We will review this arrangement as the school year progresses, but there will be no breakfast club until at least January and possibly longer. Our priority has to be getting the children back into school to continue with their education.


After school clubs

There will not be any after school clubs taking place until January at the earliest.


Please look out for the letter, which will be available by 28th August, which will give more up-to-date information about a number of other arrangements.


Thank you so much for your support in these difficult times.  I hope that you all continue to keep yourself and your families safe during the summer.


With very best wishes,

Mrs K Gorrell and Mrs S Bell 

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