18/12 Newsletter

                                                                                                                       Dear Parents/Carers,


We had 9 hours and 5 minutes of lates this week.

Please ensure that your child is in school before the gates closes at 8.50am each day.

Every class has had at least one child arriving late this week.



Our overall attendance for this week is 88.25%.   This is the lowest it has been for a while and I am getting very concerned.

No classes achieved 96% attendance.

The lowest percentage was 74.4%.


Next week your children will be bringing home the traffic light sheets to show you the breakdown of their attendance since September.

Children who have achieved 96% attendance or higher will be taking part in a treat!


BBC 500 words competition  - update

Five of our children have been successful in getting through to Round 2 of the BBC 500 words competition.


Three of these were submitted from school, following the half term homework.

These were:

  • Maham Shakeel Y3E
  • Muhammad Ali Ahmed Y1L
  • Raabiya Shaheen Y2S


Some families submitted their child’s story directly and these two children have also been successful in getting through to the 2nd round of the competition.

  • Noor Fatimah Bint Mujahaid Y4P
  • Dawood Khalid Y4P

We wish them all luck with their entries as they go through to the next round of the competition!

Thousands of children entered this competition from all over the UK.

Well done Noor, Dawood, Maham, Muhammad Ali and Raabiya, we are very proud of you!


Events This Week

  • Thank you to the parents who attended the online safety session on Thursday morning. It was a very useful session with lots of advice.

There is another online safety session planned, with different content. This will be via Zoom in April. In the meantime, I will pass on some of the really useful messages to you all – see the section at the bottom of this newsletter.

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the school fair. It was lovely to see so many families enjoying themselves – and winning delicious prizes and eating lovely food. Thank you for supporting our school in this way.
  • Well done to our Y1 and Reception children for the nativity shows this week. You were fantastic. Thanks to all who were able to attend.
  • The Y6 children made a total of £115.63 with their enterprise project of selling biscuits last week.
  • Y6 had a Reading workshop, delivered by the library service.
  • Some of our children have been learning British Sign Language. They performed a song in both of our assemblies last week, doing the signs for ‘I Have A Dream’. See picture below.

Phonics Session

Miss MacKenzie will be running a Phonics Session for Reception and Year 1 parents on Tuesday 19th December from 9am – 10am. This session will share with parents/carers how we teach children to read and how they use these skills in their writing. The session will show you how to log on to Bug Club and will give tips on how to read at home with your children.

If parents/carers attend the session, then their child will be able to join to play some phonics games, in the second part of the session.


School Dinners

The cost of school meals will rise to £2.50 from January. This is due to huge increases in the cost of ingredients.


Online Safety

As part of the online safety session, parents were introduced to our online safety hub. See the link below.

Home - Reedley Primary School - Hub (onlinesafetyhub.uk)

There is an amazing feature called Qustodio. This allows you to set up parental controls for 2 of your children’s devices. It is a free service, but you can choose to protect more devices and have more features, if you pay for an account.


How to get started:

Click on this link http://reedley-lancs.onlinesafetyhub.uk






You then create an account on the child’s devices that you want to monitor.


There is lots of information provided on the website about what is included at different levels.


The full package that you have to pay for includes the following features:



The parent than can manage all of this from their phone.


Key Dates


  • Christmas Dinner and non-uniform day. Please bring £1 for Pendleside Hospice.

Friday 22nd December


  • School closes for Christmas break

School closes after school on Friday 22nd December and reopens on Monday 8th January.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Sarah Bell


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