28.08.20 Frequently Asked Questions about the opening of school in September 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about the opening of school in September 2020

Answers by Mrs Bell 28/08/2020


Will our children need to bring their book-bags every day?

To reduce the risk of any possible cross-contamination from home and school, each class will have allocated days to bring their bag into school, so that their reading books can be changed. Children are asked not to bring any items to school other than the book on the day(s) that the teacher states. Teachers will put a range of information on the school website for you on the first day and will let you know which days to send the bag. Please explain this situation to your child, so that they know that they must not bring their bag every day. Some of the classes will be keeping all of their belongings with them in class (eg coats, bags, lunchboxes etc) therefore, we do not want additional items that are not needed, in this small space. The children must not bring items such as pencil cases or stationery to school.

Will children be bringing home books that other children have used?

Once the children have finished with their books, the books will be wiped and then quarantined for a week before they are given to other children. This will be the same with reading books and texts that are used in class.

Can my child bring a water bottle to school?

Yes. They can bring their water bottle. This should be a clear bottle filled with water – not juice. It should have your child’s name clearly marked on it. This can be carried to and from school every day.

Does my child need a PE kit?

Children will be doing PE, but at the moment they will not be getting changed into a PE kit so they do NOT need bring their full kit. Children from Y1 to Y6 just bring their pair of pumps. Please ensure these are clearly marked with their name. They will keep these in their tray. They do not get taken home and brought back in. Reception children don’t need pumps until further notice.

Will my child bring homework home?

The classteachers will be setting homework electronically for the time being. If you do not have access to the work online, the staff can provide some activities on paper, which will be quarantined in school once it has been completed.

How will my child catch up the work that has been missed?

All staff members have been working to plan lessons which will build on the knowledge and skills that each child has. They will be completing the curriculum for the year group that they are going into, but they will also cover any vital knowledge and skills that they have missed. The teachers will be finding out, in the first few weeks, what the children can do and what they need to focus on. We ask that you support your child, by ensuring that they complete all work set for them.

There are staggered start and finish times in place. If I have children in different year groups, can I bring them to school at the same time?

Yes. You can drop all the children off at the earliest slot that your children have and collect them at the latest slot.


Can I bring my children into the playground to drop them off?

Parents of children in Y3, 4, 5 and 6 will leave their children at the school gate. Parents of younger children can bring them into the playground if they wish to, or the children can walk in by themselves, if you wish them to do so. You will need to follow a one-way system, entering through the usual pedestrian gate and leaving through the school car park.


Drop off time


Collection time

Lower Reedley

Year 1 and Year 2



Middle Reedley

Year 3 and Year 4



Upper Reedley

Year 5 and Year 6



Reception - Mrs King’s class



Reception – Miss McKenzie’s class




Can I collect my child from the playground at the end of the day?

Older children can leave their teacher and walk home or walk to meet with a parent/carer at an agreed place, if they have permission to do so. If not, you can come into the school playground to wait for your child at the agreed time. Please arrive within the allocated time slot and not early or late, so that we can keep the number of adults to a minimum. You will be asked to keep 2 metres from other adults and that only one adult from each family collects the children.

Please ensure that you know which year group your child will be in and what their classteacher is called. This will help you to find the right collection point for your child.

We need to minimise the number of adults in the playground. This is easer in the morning when you drop your child off, as we can ensure their safety once they have entered through the school gate. We cannot however, ask parents/carers to wait outside the school gate in the afternoon, as this would cause chaos on the road, so if you do come into the playground, you must ensure that you maintain a distance from others. Once you have collected your child, you will need to leave via the one-way system. Children must stay with you during this time and not mix with other children. Please ensure that your child is aware of these procedures.

Staff will be on hand to assist you with finding the correct collection point, but please maintain a distance from the staff.

What will happen if I am late collecting my child from school?

If parents/carers are late collecting children, it will cause us a huge problem. We are working to ensure that the children come into contact with as few staff members as possible and therefore we will not have the same amount of provision to supervise children outside of the school day. You must ensure that you pick up and drop off, during the allocated slot. I will be calling parents/carers who do not do this, as it will breach our school COVID-19 risk assessment.

Will I be able to speak to my child’s classteacher?

We ask that you communicate via the phone as we need to avoid fact-to-face conversations, where possible. If you call Mrs Iqbal, she will pass the messages onto the classteacher, who will call you back as soon as they are able to do so. Please do not approach the members of staff in the playground to pass messages on or for conversations about your child.

Often parents/carers pass messages to staff on the gate. Please do not do this. Please call Mrs Iqbal with any messages.

Will parents/carers be able to go into school?

Unfortunately we are not permitting parents/carers to go inside the school building. For this reason, please ensure that your child has all the equipment that they need for the day, including their lunchbox, when they arrive at school. We are looking into ways in which dinner money can be paid electronically, but for now, it can be paid to Mrs Iqbal at the blue gate. Please bring the correct money where possible, or pay by cheque.

What will happen if my child shows symptoms of the virus whilst in school?

We will take the child’s temperature and call you. If you are not available, we will call another contact on your child’s file. Please ensure that all numbers are correct, and inform us if they change.

If they show symptoms, the child will be cared for until you arrive to collect them. You must then arrange for them to have a COVID-19 test by calling 119 and keep the child in isolation at home for 14 days. You must keep school informed of the results of the test. If they are in a period of quarantine, their teachers will set them some work to do, if they are well enough to do so.

When will breakfast club and after school clubs start again?

We are very sorry that we are not able to provide clubs for your child at the moment.  We will review the situation as soon as we feel that it is safe to do so.

How will I get updated information if things get reviewed?

Ensure that you have the School Spider App on your phone. We will send you messages through this. You must ensure that we have up to date contact details for you. If these change, please let us know.

I do hope that you will all support us with these modified procedures. We have been working hard to put arrangements into place that will keep all the children, staff and parents/carers safe. I am aware that some of these arrangements may be inconvenient and I can assure you that we are not doing this to make your lives difficult, we are doing what we need to, to prevent COVID-19 from entering our school where possible.

It will be difficult for us all – we love chatting to you all and making you welcome in school. However, we have got to ensure that the environment is safe for all concerned and we will review our procedures as soon as it is safe to do so.

I look forward to seeing the children back in school next week.

Mrs Bell