Newsletter 15.12.21 Facemask, Christmas Holidays, PE Challenge and Plan for January

Face Masks
Thanks to all families that have been wearing face masks when coming on to the school site. PLEASE continue to wear a face mask (covering your mouth and nose) when we come back next term, to keep children, families and staff as safe as possible. Masks should be worn by everyone aged 12 or over, unless they are exempt. Thanks for your continued support.
School Holidays
School closes at the usual time for the Christmas holidays on Friday 17.12.21. School re-opens for children on Wednesday 05.01.22.
Thank you so much for your warm welcome this term at Reedley. Mrs Iqbal is right when she describes Team Reedley to me! You are part of a brilliant team!
We wish you all a lovely holiday, a Happy Christmas to everyone who is celebrating, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!
PE Challenge
Children all took part in the PE challenge to raise money for school fund. Everybody really enjoyed their challenge – dance, multi-skills, etc. In total, a whopping £2,610.56! HUGE thanks for all your support. We will spend the money wisely, and let you know what we buy.
Letter from the Director of Public Health, Lancashire
Along with my letter today, you will find a letter from Dr Sakthi Karunanithi with some updates about the COVID pandemic. Please take a few minutes to read it. Thank you.
Plans for January
At the moment, we are expecting school to re-open as normal on Wednesday 05.01.22, but we are also making sure that we have plans in place in case schools are asked to partially close again. Staff are in school for a training day on Tuesday 04.01.22, so I will make sure that you get a text message to let you know if school is fully open or partially closed.
If we are partially closed, families of those children learning from home who have free school meals will receive Edenred food vouchers. Learning will be available online from Wednesday, as it was during the previous two partial closures. School will remain open to the children of key worker (who need childcare), and to vulnerable children. If your child is able to come to school during a partial closure, someone will ring you on Tuesday (04.01.22) to talk to you about the arrangements.

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