18.03.22 Newsletter Parent-Carer Meetings, Safety of Pupils and School Events

Friday, 18 March 2022

Dear Families,

Parent/Carer Meetings

In the week beginning 28th March, you will be able to have a telephone appointment with your child's class teacher.  Your child’s interim report will be sent out on Friday 25th March in preparation for this.


28th March – Yr. 5 and Yr. 6

29th March – Yr. 3 and Yr. 4

30th March –Yr. 1 and Yr. 2

31st March - Reception


You will be able to make an appointment using the School Spider App.  All appointment times will be available for booking from Friday 18th March at 6.00pm.  Please ensure that you have the School Spider App and that you are aware of your password to access the app, or you will not be able to book an appointment.  If you have forgotten your password, click 'reset password' and create a new one. The booking will be closed after Wednesday 23rd March at 6:00 pm.


Safety of Pupils


Please ask all drivers to ensure that they drive and park legally and courteously.  We have had complaints from residents on Hillside Avenue that their driveways are being blocked and they cannot drive out.  School staff will continue to take photographs of drivers who break the law and send these to the local police as they are compromising the safety of our children and families.   


This is an exceptionally serious matter – we need to work together to keep all of our children safe.


My suggestion is that you find a parking space a few minutes walk away from school and then walk with your child for the last part of the journey.  Alternatively, families have the option of bringing their child(ren) to the ‘Before School Club’ where they will have the opportunity to play games with peers before school starts.  The main gate is open from 8.15am to 8.25am.


Acceptable behaviour at the School Gate


This week, we have been contacted by parents who have overheard offensive language used by other parents and children near to and outside of the school gate.  This is incredibly disappointing. 


Swearing is a public order offence, and if reported to the Police, can cost between £45 and £85 in fines.   


As a school, we do not condone this kind of behaviour and actively encourage our children to make the right choices. 





School Events:  It has been a great couple of weeks in school and some of our children have been taking part in exciting events.

Year 5 Visitor – Early Islamic Civilisation

Year 5 children had a fantastic visit from the Altru Theatre Company.  They spent the day participating in drama activities, playing games, singing songs, and having lots of fun – all while learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation. They explored what life was like in Ancient Baghdad including exploration of The House of Wisdom, farming, tribes and about key figures like Al Khwarizmi.

School Library Bus

Unfortunately, we are unable to use our School Library at the moment but we’re hoping we’ll be back in as soon as possible.  We don’t want our children to miss out on accessing high quality texts so we invited the School Library Bus for a visit.  Some children were able to board the bus to choose a variety of texts for their classroom bookshelves.  We have borrowed 250 books for reception to Year 6.

As well as this, we have signed up to a company called ‘Reading Rocks’ that send out newly released books each term.  We enjoy unwrapping our books in assembly to see what we’ve been given.

Science week

We have celebrated Science Week from the 14th to 18th March.  Children have carried out a range of investigations such as how different materials affect the speed of a toy car, if the tallest people have the widest hand span and even finding patterns in the behaviour of birds on our school playground.  Children have also been learning about scientists, such as biologist David Attenborough, and have been researching how climate change has affected animals and their habitats.  We have taken lots of photographs and these will be on the school website by Monday 21st March.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs K. Gorrell                                   Ms. W. Tracey

Acting Headteacher                         Associate Headteacher

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