Newsletter 7.12.21 Christmas dinner, Christmas non-uniform day and Presents for staff


Tuesday, 07 December 2021

Dear Families,

As the Christmas holidays are approaching, I would like to tell you of a couple of events that are happening in school that you may wish your child to be part of this week.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner will take place on Friday 10th December and will consist of a set menu for the children at a cost of £2.30, the normal price for a school meal.  This includes a vegetarian sausage roll, a cheese and a tuna sandwich, tortilla chips, cucumber sticks and a festive chocolate orange biscuit.  Children will also have a Christmas cracker to share with their friends.  Please ask your child to let their teacher know on Friday morning if they wish to have a school dinner.

Christmas non-uniform day

This will also take place on Friday 10th December.  Children who wish to take part should bring a £1 donation, which will go to Pendleside Hospice.  Pendleside Hospice looks after our friends, family and people in our community every year, with only a small percentage of its funding coming from the government.  Pendleside relies heavily on local support to make sure this continues and we want to help them to make this happen.

Children who wish to take part may come into school wearing non-uniform.  This could be Christmas themed or they may even choose to wear a Christmas jumper.

Presents for staff

A number of children have asked if they are allowed to bring presents for staff at Christmas.  Our staff work incredibly hard, it is nice for them to receive thanks, and Christmas wishes if you would like to do so.

Christmas presents can be given to staff if you so wish, as they can then be quarantined in school to ensure that they are COVID-safe, but please do not bring any food that is home-made e.g. cupcakes.  If these are brought in, they will be sent home again with your child.  Please do not send anything in to be shared with other children.

The best way to thank staff and send them Christmas wishes would be for your child to make them a home-made card or to write a letter wishing them a Merry Christmas.   Children can ask for a piece of card to take home if they wish to do this.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs K. Gorrell

Acting Headteacher

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