ONLY FOR Y6: An itinerary of the events we have planned for Y6 only

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Friday, 02 July 2021

Dear Year 6 and Parents/Carers,

As we come towards the end of our time together, we have organised some fun activities for our Year 6 children to take part in during their final week at Reedley Primary School.

Here is an itinerary of the events we have planned:

Wednesday 14th July afternoon – Year 6’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

Thursday 15th July – Cinema morning with a choice of films and popcorn.

                                    2 p.m. – Year 6 Water Fight - On this day children will be required to bring a carrier bag containing a change of clothes, a towel – and a water pistols if they have one – powerful water guns will not be allowed. If children do not bring a water pistol, they can use a plastic cup to play with the water! If children do not bring a change of clothes and a towel, they will not be permitted to take part. The children do not have to take part if they do not want to.

Friday 16th July – Leavers’ assembly and special lunch. Children will then be leaving school at 1:30 pm.

We regret that this year we cannot accommodate parents to come and watch the leavers’ assembly. However, we are investigating ways in which this can be recorded or live streamed so that you will not miss out! Please keep your eyes peeled for further information regarding this soon.

As the leavers’ assembly would usually be a time when you could take photographs of your child with their friends, we have also been busy creating a ‘Year Book’ for each child filled with pictures of them and their classmates to keep as a memento. Permission slips have already been collected for the children who are allowed.

All of these activities planned will be dependent on children’s behaviour during the next few weeks and if, as a school, we feel it fitting that certain children have not displayed all of our school values in the run up to this we may decide that individual children will be exempt.

Finally, may we take this time to thank you all for your support and hard work throughout your child’s time at Reedley Primary School and in particular over the last year. We will miss them all greatly and will strive to ensure that their final days at primary school are the best they can be – they deserve it!

Please feel free to contact us for any further information,

Kind regards,

Miss Pool and the Year 6 team.