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Wednesday, 30 March 2022

School Meals

When we come back after the Easter holidays, children who have school meals will be choosing from a new menu.  If you want to look at the menu with your child, please visit the school website - Parent information → School Meals Menu → Download the menu.  We will start on week three of the menu on 25.04.22.


You’ve had letters home about after school clubs, and children have chosen their clubs.  They will start after the holidays, and most of them (not some sports) will be on Wednesdays until 16:15.  If your child is attending a club on Wednesdays, please collect them from the playground.  Clubs on other afternoons can be collected as normal.


We are hoping that the lovely Mrs Iqbal will be coming back to work after the holidays.  Like you, we’ve missed her!  I would like to thank Mrs Connolly who has been looking after the office for the last few weeks.  She’s done a BRILLIANT job and we will miss her. 

The School Day

The mornings are working really well now.  After Easter, we will continue to open the gates at 08:40 and close them at 08:50.  As part of our move to getting back to pre-COVID normality, we will go back to the old end of the day routines too.  The children will all be coming out at 15:30, and the gates will open at 15:25.  A text will come home on the first day back to remind you.


School will close at the usual time on Friday (01.04.22) and re-open on Tuesday 19.04.22.  I wish you all a lovely holiday, and a Happy Easter to any families that are celebrating.


As we approach the summer, we will be accessing the outdoors for our PE lessons much more frequently. Please could you ensure that your child has trainers (no football boots) and pumps in school on their PE day?  Thank you.


We’ve been holding some assemblies in the hall over the last month with two year groups together.  This has worked well, so we’re going to hold Early & Lower assemblies and Middle & Upper assemblies after the holidays – slowly getting back to normal.

Easter School

If your child (Y6) has signed up to Easter School, you will have had all of the information through already.  They will be in school during the second week of the holiday, Tuesday to Thursday (12 – 14.04.22)

Reception & Y1 Events

Coming up after the holidays . . .

  • VIP mornings for families with children in reception classes.
  • Come and read visits for families with children in reception and Y1 classes.

A little bit more getting back to ‘normal’.  I hope you enjoy coming back into school.


The early part of Ramadan falls in the holidays.  When children return to school (19.04.22), if your child is fasting, please send a letter into school to let your child’s teacher know.  Most children will not be fasting, as they are too young.  We would encourage children below Y5 not to fast.  If your child is in Y5 or Y6 is fasting (either every day, or just some days) please send a note in.  Children will stay in school, rather than coming home, to reduce the COVID risk of transmission.  They will remain with their class for supervision purposes, but will be encouraged to sit quietly, rather than taking strenuous exercise over the lunchtime.  Ramadan Mubarak to all families celebrating.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs K. Gorrell                                   Ms. W. Tracey

Acting Headteacher                         Associate Headteacher

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