This week's learning

Children have been learning to find one more and we have also moved onto adding two amounts. We completed lots of practical activities to help us with this and towards the end of this week we have been showing children how to record this in a number sentence. In Literacy we have read the books Peace at Last and Can’t you Sleep Little Bear? We all loved retelling the story. This week we concentrated on answering questions about the story and recording our answers.

 Nocturnal Animals

Children had lots of fun learning about different nocturnal animals. We have lots of brave children who handled a real snake, a giant African snail, a cockroach and a snake.

We have all enjoyed pretending to be the different animals and learning about what they eat and where they live. We enjoyed remembering these new facts whilst creating observational pictures of different animals.

 Physical Education

Children look forward to Friday mornings as they have P.E with Coach Liam. Children have been learning how to balance using different body parts, control balls and beanbags and are now learning about dance.