22.06.20 Home learning


Monday 22nd June


Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope you are all keeping safe and well.


School is open to children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from this week.  If your child is in this year group and you wish them to attend school, please contact the school office to allocate your child a place.  We will need three days notice before your child starts with their year group bubble.


It is important for us to keep in contact with the children and families who are not in school.  Each week a member of staff will ring families and speak to all of the children.  This may not be their teacher as we are now back in the classroom, but it will be a chance for them to have a chat with someone that they know.


Home Learning


We have also been listening to you about our home learning pages.  Our pages are newly organised to include a weekly timetable with activities to help support you with structure and routine.  There is also the opportunity to download behaviour charts to reward your children for completing the tasks set by their teacher.


Each class now has their own email address where your child(ren) can send photographs or scans of their work.  This is the name of the class teacher and the school email address e.g. mrscollins@reedley.lancs.sch.uk   Teachers will view your child’s work each week and provide feedback on the work that they have completed.  This can then be applied to the next piece of work that your child does.


There will also be an opportunity for your child to receive the ‘Headteacher’s Award’ for their home learning.  One child from each class will be nominated based on the work they have done and then, on Fridays, one child from the whole school will be chosen to receive the award. The deadline for children’s work to be sent to their teacher is 9.00am on Friday mornings, as we will need time to look at their work.  We are looking for children who have put a lot of effort into their work.  This does not have to be school based but can also include things like gardening, cooking, learning to ride a bike etc.


You can access the website using the following link: http://www.reedley.lancs.sch.uk/  If there are any problems, including sending work via the class email, please speak to the member of staff during your contact call.


We miss you all very much.  We hope to see you and the children soon, but until we meet again, take care, stay safe and strong and look after yourselves.

With very best wishes,

Mrs K. Gorrell

Acting Headteacher

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