Art Week

Summer Term

Kurt Schwitters

This term we have looked at the artist Kurt Schwitters. He is famous for making collages out of rubbish like wood and metal and scraps of paper. First we experimented with the technique of layering using a range of different papers. Then we looked at some of Schwitters collages and had a go at one of our own the same style. Next we looked at some of the collages he made using pieces of junk and we had a go at making one of our own.


Spring Term



Barbara Hepworth

This term we have looked at the sculptor Barbara Hepworth. We found out she made large sculptures using metal, wood and stone. We used clay to make our own sculptures. First we found out how to make shapes with the clay. Then we made indentations and holes because we saw that Hepworth did this with her own art. Finally we discovered how to join clay pieces together. After investigating all these skills we were finally ready to make our own sculptures.


Autumn Term

John Constable

We found out about the artist Constable and enjoyed looking at some of his paintings. We learnt how to mix watercolours and discovered what happens when they are mixed. We looked at what happens to the paint when wax and salt are added. We used the skills we had learnt to produce our own landscape paintings using images from around the school.