Autumn 2 Learning


This half term we have linked our English learning to our Theme topic 'Brilliant Bodies'. We have been reading the book Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We had fun acting out the story and thinking of different actions for the Big skeleton, the Little skeleton and the Dog skeleton.  The children then went on to write their own versions of the story which we innovated. As part of this learning we got a libary loan delivered into school and really enjoyed spending time looking at other books written by the same author.


We have also linked our poetry topic to senses. The children explored their senses and poems about senses. We then innovated our own poems about what our favourite things to see, hear, touch, smell and taste.



This half term we have been covering the topics :

Sequencing and sorting - We looked at how things are the same and different and how we can sort things linked to different criteria. 

Fractions- We looked at what a fraction is and how we know something is a fraction. We then looked at the fraction 1/2 and 1/4.

Capcity- We had fun doing pratical activities that enabled us to identify full, half full, empty, nearly empty and nearly full.

Money- We looked at recognising coins by looking at the shape, colour and size. We then moved on maling amounts and adding amounts - here we linked this back to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s from previous learning.

Time- We have been looking at days of the week and periods of time. We have looked at the vocabulary before and after to order events.


Our topic 'Brilliant Bodies' is a science and DT based topic in which we have been learning about the different parts of the body. We have looked at senses and what it would be like to loose a sense. We then explored some of the things that people use to help them if they have lost a sense. See the Knowledge organiser at the bottom of this page for vocabulary.

Our 5 Key Questions are:

Science: How are people the same or different?

Science: What are the 5 senses and which parts of your body do you use for these senses?

Science: What do people do to help themselves if they have lost a sense?

DT: Which materials will be best to use make a picture of a skeleton with moving parts?

DT: How could we improve the movement of our skeletons?



We made our own skeletons during DT and we investigated what resources would be best to make our skeletons move. We used blue tack, paper clips, split pins and treasurey tags. We decided that split pins were best! We followed the five part process and enjoyed playing with our puppets afterwards to retell the Funnybones story. 


Art Week

During Art week we have been looking at the work of Annie Leibovitz. Annie is a famous photographer. We used the ipads to take different pictures and we edited them using different filters and editing tools. This was so much fun!


Right Start child pedestrian training

We went outside and learnt how to cross the road safely. We stopped, looked and listened. Our school crossing patrol officer helped us to cross safely.


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