Spring Term

Stories with familiar settings

Mudpuddle Farm By Michael Morpurgo

In this unit we have read some of the adventures set on Mudpuddle Farm. We thought about how the characters might feel at different points in the story and did lots of role play. We wrote our own adventure story set on a farm.



In this unit we helped Farmer Rafferty make a leaflet for his farm persuading visitors to come. We looked at lots of leaflets and found the different words and phrases that were used to persuade people to visit. We then used some of these in our own work. We also remembered to include things like prices, opening times and a map.


Autumn Term

Stories with familiar settings

We have been reading the story 'The Pirates Next Door' by Jonny Duddle. We acted out the story, wrote letters to the council complaining about pirates and wrote our own story all about the pirates next door.


Non-Chronological Reports

We received a letter from 'Jim Lad' one of the characters from' The Pirates Next Door' asking for help. He was worried he was not looking after his dog properly.
We decided we needed to write a booklet.
A visitor came with her dog 'Sammy'. She told us how to care for a dog and showed us some of the things we needed. Her dog Sammy was very well behaved. He even did some tricks!
We used this information to help us write our booklets. 




After helping Mrs Collins to make a sandwich and giving and following instructions we found out that all instructions need to be short, clear and include an imperative verb. We looked at lots of different types of instructions- rules for games, recipes and things to make and build.



The Night Before Christmas By Clement Clarke Moore

In this unit we learnt the poem The Night Before Christmas. We looked at the vocabulary used in the poem and found out the meanings of lots of words we didn't know.

We wrote descriptions of Father Christmas and used these to write our own poems.