Year 5 Homework 


Date homework set: 18.1.24

To be returned to school by: 23.1.24

When completing your homework try and do a little every day and not all at once.

Talking Topic

·        Using this sentence,

·        My Very Uneducated  Mother Just Served us Noodles”, discuss the order of the planets in the solar system.

Tick when you have completed this task.

Maths Complete and learn the following;



·        Times tables Rock Stars.

Tick when you have completed these tasks.


·        Read the next chapter from your new reading for pleasure book.

·        Read a book on Bug Club

·        Continue with your next book mark.

·        Read to an adult and ask them to sign your Reading Diary. Your reading diary will be checked.

Tick when you have completed this task.

Spelling:  Learn this week’s spellings and include each one in a sentence.






Tick when you have completed this task.

Research:  Choose another one of the planets from our solar system. Research it and write down at least 5 facts in your book. Include how long it takes to orbit the sun.

Tick when you have completed this task.


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