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Autumn 2



Pin by Blythe Dor Dor on Wallpaper | Pop art painting, Andy warhol pop ... Blog not found | Andy warhol, Warhol, Art AttivArte - GREEN COCA-COLA BOTTLES - Andy Warhol-1962-Arte Contemporanea Quotes for the Streets: Andy Warhol's Lesson - Don't Worry, Make Art ...

Andy Warhol was famous for a new art movement called pop art.

Warhol  sometimes chose very ordinary things. He even did screen prints of soup cans .

Campbell's Soup Cans(1960) by Andy Warhol | Arte pop famoso, Imagenes ...

Warhol used different colours on the same image for a pop art effect.

Here are some more of Warhols famous artworks!

      Free download Andy Warhols Cow Wallpaper Andy Warhols Cow Desktop ... Flowers,Andy Warhol,1970 | Andy warhol flowers, Warhol paintings, Pop art DARIO DE FAZIO design allievo del corso A prof. CECILIA POLIDORI a.a ...


     IMG_0737[1].JPG IMG_0736[1].JPG IMG_0735[1].JPG

      IMG_0734[1].JPG IMG_0733[1].JPG IMG_0732[1].JPG


The parents and guardian came to support their child's learning.


11th November

This term, the children will Investigate using different drawing tools; grades of pencil, charcoal, chalk, graphite sticks, biros, pastels, oil pastels.

Children look at the work of still life painters such as Dutch masters, the Impressionists, Georgia O’Keefe.

Paintings of the Dutch Masters Paintings of the Dutch Masters Olan Ventura's Glitched Paintings Twist the 17th Century Dutch Masters ...

THE BEAUTIFUL GEORGIA O’KEEFFE PAINTINGS Georgia O'Keeffe Forces in Nature and Humans — DOP Georgia O'Keeffe. White Flower on Red Earth, No. 1 | Georgia o'keeffe ...

The children picked different fruits and began to sketch using the skills they have learnt.

The using oil pastels and chalk, they bought the pictures to life.

IMG_E7361[1].JPG IMG_7359[1].JPG IMG_7358[1].JPG

IMG_E7356[1].JPG IMG_E7355[1].JPG IMG_E7354[1].JPG


Spring 1


                                  Wassily Kandinsky | Abstract /Expressionist painter | Tutt'Art ...  

Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure abstraction in modern painting.

                          (Jackson Pollock). Jackson Pollock. The Museum of Modern Art, New York ...

He was an influential American painter, and the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world.

After researching and looking at these artists work, the children began creating their own artwork based on Planets.

         Wallpaper : illustration, planet, vehicle, artwork, Earth, space art ... | Art painting, Space painting, Space art √ Acrylic Space Planets Painting - Popular Century



Spring 2


The children will be looking at David Edgar art work this term.

          See the source image

               See the source image 

Local artist David Edgar creates artwork out of post-consumer recyclables he finds in recycling bins. Edgar says making this art “energizes his creative spirit.” Edgar received an award for Best Original Artwork at the recent Tryon Arts and Crafts School’s 2017 Artist of the Year Show. (Photo by Michael O’Hearn)


As you can see below, they are some pictures showing what the effect are having to animals. David has discovered by using your imaginations, you can create amazing object such as 2D animals, Holiday decorations such as snowflakes and Toys such as A Rock and Roll Racing Car.

See the source image  See the source image

He has created some amazing art work.

See the source image

IMG_E4954[1].JPG   See the source image

The children have been busy creating their master pieces.

Parents were called in to school to see what their child were creating and joined in to complete it.

IMG_0875[1].JPG IMG_0882[1].JPG IMG_0883[1].JPG

IMG_0881[1].JPG IMG_0877[1].JPG IMG_0880[1].JPG

IMG_0871[1].JPG  IMG_0870[1].JPG IMG_0879[1].JPG


Summer 1

Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau


Who Was Henri Rousseau?

Henri Rousseau 1844-1910
• Henri Rousseau was born in western France
• He never had any art lessons and started painting 
when he was older
• He never visited the rainforest but he is best known 
for his rainforest and jungle scenes, such as Tiger 
in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)
• He painted house plants and wild flowers for his 
rainforest paintings and often looked at pictures in 
• His art was called ‘Post-impressionism’ – this is an 
abstract style of art, which means that he didn’t try 
to paint things exactly as they look in real life

     Henri Rousseau Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave Henri Rousseau: francuski „celnik” z sercem dżungli | Magazyn Fahrenheit

     Henri Rousseau Dreams of the jungle — DOP Henri Rousseau Original Public Domain Paintings | rawpixel


                         Henri Rousseau                                                    Ruth Daniels

                     Ruth Daniels in Mexico

                  See the source image

                   See the source image

The next couple of weeks, the children will be looking at what we could you use to create pictures.

They will look at primary colours and how they could create new colours ( seconadry and tertiary).