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Autumn 2

30th October

                                       Where does food come from


The children have been researching and evaluating exisiting food products to enable us to design and make a healthy and seasonal two course meal.  They have looked at where food comes from and tried to understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed


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6th November


                                  Eatwell Plate for Kids- A Healthy Eatwell Guide for Children

                                    "Food Wheel" laminated poster 680mm x 480mm - Educational Toys Online


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20th November

This week, the children are very excited. Within their groups, they will produce 2 recipes, a vegetable soup and a fruit crumble.

The children hd plenty of information on what ingredients that they would like. They have tasted a variety of vegetables and fruit crumble which has helped them enormously. 


The children had great fun cooking and tasting their food.

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Spring 2



                                        DT Mechanisms and Mechanical Systems Lessons by PlanBee

Year 5 will be busy in a few weeks. They will be learning all about what are Mechanical Toys.

Working in groups, the children will be discussing the following questions:

  • How does the mechanism work?
  • How many cams are there?
  • What shapes are the cams?
  • What materials have been used?
  • What is the purpose of the toy?
  • Who would pplay with this toy?
  • What are the strengths/likes of the toy?
  • What are the weaknesses/dislikes of the toy?



                       TIMBERKITS Caterpillar Automata Mechanical Wooden Puzzle-Model Construction  Kit, Wood : Toys & Games

The children will be busy planning and creating their designs. They have to think of the three things:

  • Product - What could we make?
  • Purpose -  What is it for?
  • User - Who is going to use it?

They looked at cam mechanism. A cam mechanism is made up of three components, a cam, a slider and a follower. The mechanism causes the components to move.

                Willerby Carr Lane Primary School Design and Technology Topic: Moving Toys  Year: 5 Strand: Mechanisms


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