Autumn 2

Christmas fun 



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Doctor visit

Dr Islam showed us what’s inside his bag and he was impressed when we knew words such as stethoscope. Dr Islam told us all about going to the doctors and we discussed what might happen when you visit a surgery. We enjoyed listening to our friends heartbeats using a stethoscope. Doctor Islam also explained how we keep healthy, by eating healthy and doing lots of exercise. Thank you Dr Islam for bringing us lots of healthy fruit. We especially loved the washable tattoos we got to take home. 

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Author visit

To continue to develop our love for reading, children have met two fantastic authors Shabana Hussain and Brian Abram. Shabana Hussain read us her book 'Speak Up Sami'.

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Police Officer Visit 

We had a visit from PC Sange. He came to talk to the children about the jobs that police officers do, and how they help keep us safe. We even got to try on PC Sange’s police hat and listened to his police radio.

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Dentist Visit 

Our Reception children enjoyed a visit from the dental nurse this week to highlight how important it is to clean their teeth and how to keep their mouths healthy.

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Daffodil Class have worked so hard to learn all the songs so they could perform their nativity play for their grown ups. 

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Naughty Bus 

For the past two weeks we have looked at the story Naughty Bus. We read the first page of the book where it said ‘ I hope you’re a good driver’. We then predicted what could be inside the present.

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Then we made our own story maps.

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After this we worked together as a group to innovate the story by changing the transport and we discussed what mess our new transport was going to make in our classrooms. We had lots of fun making a mess like the Naughty Bus.



Finally we wrote some captions and sentences.

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We also enjoyed painting a bus for our role play area. 

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Remembers Day

Children created poppies whilst thinking about people who helped us. We also observed a two minutes silence with the rest of the school to think about how people have helped us.


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Go Velo

Well done to all the children who completed their Learn to Ride training on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The children worked really hard on balance bikes and a few on pedal bikes. Also, a big thanks to Go Velo for their fantastic training!

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In Maths we have been learning about the numbers four and five. We have made the numbers using resources such as ten frames, objects, double sided counters and numicon.

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We have been making different transports using junk modelling materials. 

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We have innovated the story Whatever next. The children chose where baby bear will travel to, which transport would be best to travel in and what baby bear will do there. The children then used their phonics knowledge to write their innovations. 


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Children in the Daffodil Class have been sequencing the story Whatever Next and retelling what is happening in each picture. 


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When learning about the story Whatever Next, children used the book 'You choose'  to predict what kind of transport Baby Bear may turn his box into.

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Children have been learning about bonfire night. During our discussion we thought about firefighters and watched a video about special rules we must follow on Bonfire Night. Children created their own bonfire and firework pictures using a range of media and materials. They also created some firework crowns. Look at our fantastic bonfire pictures! 


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In Maths we have been learning all about circles and triangles. We found lots of shapes in our learning environment. 


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Look at our independent shape learning! 

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Art Week 

During Art Week children looked at the fantastic patterns and sculptures Art Andy Goldsworthy created with natural materials. Children used natural resources such as rosemary and gypsophila flowers to create natural paintbrushes. They then used their paintbrushes to create a peice of art work. 
We also used leaves for printing, made pattern's using natural resources and we all worked together to create a spiral using leaves and twigs. 
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Children have been learning about the celebration of Diwali. Children learnt how people celebrate and what types of events happen throughout Diwali. Children watched a video about the celebration Diwali and then participated in a variety of different activities throughout the day. Some of these activities were rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns, baking and creating their own diva lamps.


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