Spring 1


Rainbow Fish 

On Monday Reception were all so excited to discover some shiny material. For their independent learning they predicted what it could be.

We read the story Rainbow fish and sequenced the story. We have also used our phonics knowledge to write parts of the story.

Continuous Provision

The children decorated their own Rainbow fish by using the colours of their choice. They also got messy with some sequins and added them to their fish.

We have enjoyed using staplers, split pins and treasury tags to make books.


Children have been learning about the numbers six and seven. We made the numbers using resources such as ten frames, objects, double sided counters and numicon. We completed the task ‘Make it, draw it, write it’ for both six and seven. The children independently used their knowledge recall of number bonds to write their own number sentences. 

Independent Challenge

During continuous provision we used magnets to test which items in the classroom were magnetic or not. 

Chinese New Year 

We learned that Chinese New Year is an important festival in the Chinese calendar and that this year in the year of the rabbit. During key worker time we learnt about how Chinese people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year. During choosing time we have been making dragons in the creative and malleable area. We have made some lanterns, enjoyed watching dragon dance and our favourite part was chopping up some vegetables to make stir fried noodles. 


We have been reading the book ‘The Wind Blew’ by Pat Hutchins. After reading the first two pages we predicted what the wind might blow away. 

Capture 26.PNG

We then sequenced pictures from the story and used our phonics knowledge to write the sounds we could hear. 

Capture 27.PNG


We have learnt lots of new vocabulary after reading the story. We used words such as whipped, whirled, snatched and swept in our writing. 

Capture 28.PNG

Continuous Provision

As Mr Whites umbrella turned inside out and blew away, during our choosing time we made him a new umbrella. Children used different materials such as tubes, pipe cleaners and cellophane.

Capture 25.PNG


We have looked at capacity by filling and pouring different containers. 
Children were encouraged to use language such as full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty. 

Capture 23.PNG