Come and see what your children are proud of...

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The children are so proud of their work they want to show it off. Take a look...

IMG_5189[1](1).JPGAminah is proud of her odd sock design. We have designed odd socks to celebrate being different and to encourage equality within society.

IMG_5190[1].JPGHuria would like to show off her poppy in memory of all the soldiers who have lost theirs lives. During, our PSHE lesson we have discussed what the poppy represents and why.

IMG_5195[1].JPGHere, Azlan is showing us all the different techniques of shading in art.

IMG_5192[1].JPGAlisha is proud to show a still life drawing of an onion. IMG_5198[1].JPG Alisha is very proud of her still life sketch of some beautiful flowers.

IMG_5196[1].JPGHalima has drawn a range of fruit, passion fruit, sharon fruit and more. 

IMG_5194[1].JPGLeen has sketched a long road into the future.

IMG_5188[1].JPGRayyan is super proud of his English work this week.

Zoya is very proud of her art work this week.


IMG_5412[1].JPG IMG_5413[1].JPG IMG_5414[1].JPG


IMG_5415[1].JPG IMG_5417[1].JPG  IMG_5418[1].JPG