Snow day 10.03.23

Today is a snow day. Please complete the activities below:



Task 1:

K.L: Infer (30 minutes)

Download the infer worksheet below. 

Answer the questions on the sheet using the picture in the middle. 


Task 2:

Login into bug club and read a book or read a book at home for 30 minutes.




K.L: To draft ideas. (45 minutes)

Today you will be drafting your own version of the story, Hugo Cabret. This will be set out like a comic (download the template below). 

Your story needs to be set in a railway station. You need to think about the invention your character is stealing parts for,  how your instructions disappear, and how your character will get them back. 

Remember to include drawings and some writing to explain what is happening in each box. 



K.L: Arithmetic test. (30 minutes)

Download the arithmetic test below. Try and complete as much as you can in half an hour. Then you can check your answers. 

You can also go on TTRockstars and Maths Whizz (if you have a login).




Build a snowman and make snow angels. 



Task 1:

K.L: What is the Golden Age of Islam? (45 minutes)

Research the question: What is the Golden Age of Islam? Create a mind map with all of your ideas. 


Task 2: 

K.L: How has the Islamic civilization contributed to the modern world? (45 minutes)

Using your research and what we have talked about in class, answer this question e.g. How has the Islamic civilization contributed to the modern world? Think about how they contributed to medicine, maths, geography, and astrology. 



K.L: What is an automaton? (45 minutes)

Research the history of the automaton (mechanical figures which are made out of clockwork).

These are linked to Hugo.

Once you have researched them, draw diagrams of them and label them. 




Complete this session on Joe Wicks' PE. 

/ ViewPure 


Enjoy your snow day!

Files to Download