Creative Topic

Summer Term

Theme: Buckets and Spades

Focus: History and Geography

Our trip was the St. Annes beach.

This half term we have been finding out about seaside holidays in the past. We used books, newspapers and film to find out about holidays in the past. We found out that people would drink sea water if they were ill because they thought it would help make them better! 


Focus: Science

This half term we are finding out about animal and plant habitats. We made different habitats for some snails and investigated which one they preferred.

We researched different habitats to find out which animals and plants lived there.


We made different habitats for some snails and investigated which one they preferred.



Key questions:

Are all habitats the same?

Why do animals live where they do?

What do animals eat?

Do all baby animals look like their parents?

Which habitat does a snail prefer?

Spring Term


Focus: History and Geography

This half term we are finding out all about Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and the First Moon Landing.

We have found out that Columbus set sail from Spain in 1492 looking for a route west to the Indies. He found new foods like corn, pineapple and chocolate. We use the internet and books to find out information. 

After reading books and watching some film clips we found out the Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon on July 20th 1969. He went to space with two other astronauts- Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

We used film clips, photographs, books and the internet to find out information about the past. We made our own drama to explore what it might have been like to walk on the moon.



Key Questions:

How do we know Columbus was a real person?

Was Columbus a great explorer?

Has man ever been to the moon and can we be sure?

How were the astronauts able to get there and back safely?

What did they do when they got to the moon and how do we know?


Theme: The farm Shop

Focus: Science

This half term we are finding out all about plants. 

Key Questions:

How do plants stay healthy and how do we know?

How do seeds and bulbs grow into plants?

Do all plants grow in the same way?

Does the size of a seed affect the size of a plant?


To introduce the topic we made grass heads and wrote instructions to help Mrs Gorrell make her own!


We have found out that not all seeds are the same and investigated how to keep our plants growing well.

Autumn Term

Theme: The Place Where I Live

Focus: Geography and History

Key Questions:

What human and physical features are in the local area?

How do we find out about the past?

What do these features look like on a map?

Are all maps the same?

How has the local area changed?


We have found out about the physical and human features in the local area. First we looked around the school grounds and then we went for a walk on the roads nearby to see what we could see. We saw lots of different types of houses as well as Pendle Hill in the distance. 



We have been looking at how our local area has changed. We found out that there used to be a farm here instead of a school and the houses around our school were built on the farmer’s fields.

We have been finding out how games have changed over the years by asking our parents which games they played when they were young. We talked about different games that can be played in the playground and found that many of them have been played in the past.


Theme: Fighting Fit

Focus: Science

Key Questions:

How do humans stay healthy?

What are the effects of medicines on humans?

How do I know when something is alive?

How do people change as they get older?

First we learnt about how to create a healthy balanced meal for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Grandma. We made sure we only put a small treat in the basket! Next we investigated how medicines should be used and looked after. We also found out what all living things have in common.

Design and technology

Stem project- Moving Vehicles

We evaluated lots of different types of vehicles and then designed our own sleigh. We had to make the sleigh so it would travel down the ramp without the toys falling out.

Using a box, some dowel and wheels we made our very own moving vehicles. First we investigated what material would make the best axle and which type of wheels would work the best. Then we measured and cut the dowel using a hacksaw. We used the dowel to make axles for the wheels. We discussed what size of wheel would be the best and where they needed to be placed.  After that we threaded the dowel through the holes and added the wheels.

We painted the sleigh and added a seat belt to hold the bag of toys.

Finally we raced our vehicles.


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