Summer Term

Reading Scales

We read scales marked in twos, fives and tens where not all the numbers were marked. We also found out how a thermometer works.

Addition and Subtraction

We used jottings to help us solve two digit and two digit calculations with exchange.

Spring Term

Place Value

We have used equipment to find 10 more and 10 less than numbers to 100. We used our knowledge of 10s to help us round numbers.


During this unit we found out how to use a weighing scale to work out the mass of different objects. We used measuring cylinders to find the volume of different containers. 

Addition and Subtraction

We have been using apparatus and jottings to help us solve addition and subtraction calculations involving exchange.

Multiplication and Division

We have been solving problems involving multiplication and division.


We furthered our understanding of the properties of 3D shapes. We used vocabulary like- face, edge, vertices, straight, curved and flat. We investigated which shapes and patterns had a vertical line of symmetry.


This week we looked at how to find 1/4 of shapes and quantities. We used a bar model to help.

Autumn Term

Place Value

We have been representing numbers in different ways including partitioning, drawing tens and ones and writing the number in words. It was fun working as a team, to find different ways of making a number.


Addition and Subtraction

We used apparatus and jottings to help us solve addition and subtraction calculations.



We sorted 3D shapes using a Carroll Diagram.


We have been learning how to find fractions of shapes and numbers.



We have explored the operation Multiplication, using what we had learnt to answer questions.


We looked at how much the different coins were work and used our addition skills to solve simple problems involving money.



We used clocks to tell the time.