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Autumn 2 - Healthy Humans

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Our theme is… Healthy Humans

After focussing on diet and nutrition within our Science Healthy Humans topic, we will then be concentrating on a block of DT where we will be exploring, planning, making, then evaluating a healthy meal.  This started with a task that was set by Coach Wall! Have a look at the letter he sent us.

Evaluating existing products
We explored salad boxes that where available to buy in supermarkets. We looked at the labels, ingredients and how they were presented. 
We then tasted a range of food to explore what we would like to place in our salad dish. 

The children enjoyed an afternoon of tasting a range of vegetables such as sweetcorn, carrots, baby tomatoes and cucumbers, whilst thinking about the texture and the taste of them. Above are some pictures from the tasting session.


Focus on task
Using the diamond nine, we explored key elements that we wanted to include in our pasta salad.




We spend time developing our design. We needed to think carefully about what food an athlete would need. Using the eat well plate we made sure we had all the elements before designing how to layer our pasta salad.
Making and Evaluating
Our Pasta Salads looks really appitising but after tasting them and evaluating them in full, we still came up with some ways we wanted to improve them.