Each term I will be sending home a knowledge organiser these can also be found in the 'Knowledge Organiser' tab. Please encourage your child to read through it and learn some of the vocabulary linked to the topics we will be learning. This will really them to engage in the lesson and will also help you to understand more about the topic we are teaching.

Autumn 1

Our theme is… There’s no place like home

9 of Northern England’s most awe-inspiring national parks and AONBs ...

Our Key Questions are:

  • What are the human and physical features of our local area?
  • How have human and physical features of the landscape changed in Pendle since the 1600?
  • What do you know about the Pendle Witch trials of 1612?
  • We will also be able to locate Burnley on a series of maps and explain what we know about its location.


  • Spring 1

    Rock and Roll: Spring 1. History




In History, we have been learning about the various different Stone ages, Bronze ages and Iron ages and where they belong on a pre historic timeline. The children had a look into the different achievements of man during the Stone age. The children then discussed which achievements are more important and which ones are less important. 

During our lesson this week, we explored cave paintings.  Have a look at some of the images beloow to see our fun learning!