Each term I will be sending home a knowledge organiser these can also be found in the 'Knowledge Organiser' tab. Please encourage your child to read through it and learn some of the vocabulary linked to the topics we will be learning. This will really them to engage in the lesson and will also help you to understand more about the topic we are teaching.

Autumn 1

Our theme is… There’s no place like home

9 of Northern England’s most awe-inspiring national parks and AONBs ...

Our Key Questions are:

  • What are the human and physical features of our local area?
  • How have human and physical features of the landscape changed in Pendle since the 1600?
  • What do you know about the Pendle Witch trials of 1612?
  • Where is Burnley?
  • IMG_4257.JPGIMG_4258.JPGIMG_4259.JPGIMG_4260.JPGIMG_4261.JPGIMG_4265.JPG
  • PSHE 

    In PSHE we explored things that are safe and things that are not safe to share online. We took part in a quiz, actively answering questions. We folded our arms when we discussed things that we should keep to ourselves and opened our arms wide if we could share them with others.



    One part of our music lesson is to Listen and Appraise the song Let Your Spirit Fly and other songs such as:
    ? Let Your Spirit Fly by Joanna Mangona
    ? Consider Yourself from the musical ‘Oliver!’
    ? Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye
    ? You’re The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry

    The children really enjoy exploring the different songs and givingtheir opinions on them. They aslo like listening to try to identify what instruments they can hear in the songs.

    We have learnt and performed the song  Let Your Spirit Fly by Joanna Mangona. Watch this space for our final performance that we will upload.

    We have also been exploring using musical intruments alongside the song. The children really enjpoyed using the glockenspiel.

    We have been very lucky to have a visit from our local Morris dancing group. The children loved it and can't wait to build on our dancing in our next PE dance topic.



    Autumn 2


    Autumn 2 - Healthy Humans  links - Science and Desgin Technology.

    dt knowledge.JPG

    Above is the knowledge oragnisers your child has been given to take home. We have asked the children to read through the key words we will be using throughout our Science and DT topic.

    We created a healthy meal for an athlete. We designed and created a pasta salad.



    Spring 1

    Rock and Roll: Spring 1. History


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    Spring 1

    Our theme is… Rock and Roll - The Stone Age- History 


    Our Key Question is:

    -What was life like, in the Stone Age period?

    We looked at the chronology of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age 


    We looked at the acheivements of Stone Age Man.

    We explored housing and how it changed during the diferent parts of the Stone Age.

    We explored cave drawings and the theories behind why they exsist. The children then created their oen in cave we made under our tables.













'Bring Yer Wellies'

As part of our Stone Age history topic. We went on our trip to 'Bring yer wellies'. In the morning we learnt lots of interesting facts all about the Stone Age. 



We then became archaeologists and dug up some artifacts. Afterwards we described what we had found.


  IMG_4928.JPG  IMG_4933.JPG

In the afternoon we did some really exciting outdoor activities. We started of with some den building.

IMG_4963(1).JPG   IMG_4965.JPG   IMG_4978.JPG




Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Spring 2