Spring 1

The Mousehole Cat: Amazon.co.uk: Antonia Barber, Nicola Bayley:  9781406360776: Books

Mowzer the cat lives with his owner, Tom the fisherman, in a beautiful seaside village in Cornwall called Mousehole. One day, a huge storm begins to batter the harbour walls, and no-one can leave to fish anymore. With Christmas around the corner, there is no food to be found in the village. So Mowzer and Tom decide to set out to sea and bravely face the Great Storm-Cat together.

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Mousehole Cat - Storybook Woods  Canonbury Home Learning Year 2/3 English Lesson 1 LO: To understand  descriptions. Our unit of writing is based on The Mousehole


stoked the range     quayside     moorland


patchwork     harbours     headlands


breakwaters     narrow     sheltering



Autumn 1 - The Firework-Maker's Daughter


The Firework Maker's Daughter : Pullman, Philip: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Key Learning

The Firework-Makers daughter ins fantasy story. This genre incldes elements of magic and the setting is in a fictional universe.  Towards the end of the unit, children will be writing their own version offolowing the structire of the original story. By then children will be able to:

  • Use subordination for time.g. when, before and after
  • explore and identify complex sentences using a range of conjunctions. g. when, before, after, while, until.
  • use a comma to separate clause in complex sentences where the subordinate clause appears first.
  • identify, generate and effectively use noun phrases. g. The blue butterfly with shimmering wings…
  • select vocabulary from a vocabulary banks
  • use inverted commas to punctuation direct speech (speech marks)


Explore the clips before to familiarise yourself with The Fireworkmakers Daughter.

English KS1 / KS2: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter' by Philip Pullman - BBC Teach

The Firework-Makers Daughter, chapter 1 https://youtu.be/a5hkaO_iRSw 

A PDF of the full story can be found in the files section.


The Firework Maker's Daughter. Character description task


Here are a few examples of the children's amazing work related to the Firework-Maker's Daughter.

IMG_0068.JPG  IMG_0070.JPG  IMG_0071.JPG  

IMG_0072.JPG  IMG_0077.JPG

IMG_0073.JPG  IMG_0074.JPG  IMG_0078.JPG


IMG_0076.JPG    IMG_0079.JPG

All the vocabulary, grammar and planning the children have been doing is to help them when they come to write their own story.


 We've got some amazing fantasy stories being written.

Poetry - Julia Donaldson

 kzp56up6(2).png  7v1pc9ar.png

IMG_7044.JPG  IMG_7050.JPG

   IMG_7045.JPG  IMG_7048.JPG

Kenning Poems

Kenning | PPT

Rumaysa: Ever After eBook : Hafiza, Radiya, Touny, Rhaida El: Amazon.co.uk:  Kindle Store


Today we became 'Grammar Gurus.' We had to read through chapter 4 and spot noun phrases and expaded noun phrases. The children enjoyed using our new finger lights to help spot noun phrases.

IMG_0456.JPG  IMG_0457.JPG  IMG_0458.JPG

IMG_0460.JPG  IMG_0461.JPG

Role Play Hebburn | Friends Action North East

K.L. To use drama to help characters come to life

K.L. To use inverted commas for dialogue

IMG_7255.JPG  IMG_7256.JPG  IMG_7259.JPG

The children took turns to act out possible dialogues between Zabina and Rumaysa. The children remembered the characteristics of Zabina and embedded her quick-wit into their role play. 

K.L. To write a letter

K.L. To include events from a story

IMG_7275.JPG            Screenshot 2023-11-29 211121.png

Fantastic Fronted Adverbials! | Teaching Resources

Some examples of fronted adverbials the children used during their English lesson:

As Rumaysa leaned out of the window,

After her hijab fell,

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