Each term I will be sending home a knowledge organiser these can also be found in the 'Knowledge Organiser' tab. Please encourage your child to read through it and learn some of the vocabulary linked to the topics we will be learning. This will really them to engage in the lesson and will also help you to understand more about the topic we are teaching.

Spring 2

Geography – Petersfield Infant School

U.K. Traveller - Is your Passport Valid in Europe? — Cruise Lowdown


 Passport to Europe 





Spring term

Our Autumn 1 theme is... A Passport to Europe

Our Key Questions are:

  • What countries can be found within Europe?


Lesson 1: What countries are within Europe and where are they?

Europe flags.png   



Lesson 2: What are the capital cities of some of the countries within Europe?

Click on the link to learn a song that names many of the capital cities in Europe.


Lesson 3: What is the European Union and what was Brexit?

EU stands or the European Union.

What the video to find out how how the countries work together as part of the EU.

The EU begin in the 1950s. It aimed to bring countries togethers so they could work together, help each other and made trade links. There were six countries who originally founded the EU. These being Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Neatherlands and Belgium. Over time more countries joined the EU.

The word brexit combines the word 'Britain' and 'Exit'. In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. The vote was extremely close with 51.9% of people voting to leave the European Union and 48.1% of people voting to stay.



Lesson 4: What are the names of some of the mountains, rivers, oceans and seas within Europe?

Lesson 5: What are some of the key landmarks within Europe and are they human or physical features?

Lesson 6 : A study of Iceland and comparison to the UK











Industrial Revolution | Sutori

Working conditions in factories - Industry — textile factories and coal  mines - National 5 History Revision - BBC Bitesize   The Industrial Revolution - BBC Bitesize




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Where Five Valleys Meet: Ring-a-Ring o' Roses

Video: group of children singing the above poem when we visited Astley Hall