Autumn 2 

This half term we are covering the theme 'Brilliant Bodies'. Please see the Knowledge Organiser at the bottom of the page for the key vocabulary that the children will be learning throughout this topic. 


Art Week 

During Art Week, we have been looking at the artist Annie Leibovitz. Annie is a portrait photographer who took photos of famous people to put in the Rolling Stone magazine in America. Annie took photos of people showing different emotions through their portraits. Over the week, we have explored using the cameras on the iPads to take photos of each other. We have then edited these photos on the iPads to make improvements to the photos that we have taken. We have used the crop and filter icons while edditing our photographs. 


Autumn 1 

This half term we are covering the Theme 'Family Album'. Please see the Knowledge Organiser at the bottom of the page for the key vocabulary that the children will be learning throughout this topic. 


Art - Self-Portrait

We have explored using a wide range of media to draw with and the children discussed which types of drawing eqipment they enjoyed using. We then experimented drawing different facial features using the drawing equipment. The children finally used these drawing skills to create thier own self-portraits. 


History - Our Family Trees and The Royal Family 

We have been learning all about the Royal Family and the key members of the Monarchy. We made a family tree using photos of the Royal Family and discussed the succession of the throne. Children then moved onto creating their own family trees including their parents and siblings.


Geography - The United Kingdom 

We have discussed the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. Children have identified and named the different countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and their capital cities (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast). In Continuous Provision, the children have been searching for the UK on a range of maps, globes and in Atlases. Additionally, we have explored new vocabulary for naming various physical and human features within the UK. We have looked at the following vocabulary: river, sea, pond, hill, mountain, cliff, city, town and village. 


Science - Comparing Humans 

We have been looking at human facial features and comparing ourselves to others. We used a range of vocabulary when looking for similarities and differences between ourselves. We have also looked at photos of diverse people from all around the world, recognising that we are all similar in some ways but are also wonderfully diverse (different) in other ways. 


History - Human Timeline 

We have looked at home humans change through the human life cycle from being a baby to becoming an elderly person. We have compared photos of ourselves as a baby, discussing what is similar and what is different from being a baby to now as a child. 


Science - Seasonal Change 

We have looked at how the seasons change over the course of a year. We have explored the changes within our environment during Autumn time. The children enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. We collected leaves and seeds while on our Autumn walk and have used these to create some Autumn pictures. 

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